In the interest of clearing up the many rumors, opinions, and misconceptions surrounding the GR-OS discussions of the Cold War, I present to you below the timeline of said discussions. We have already shared the complete logs of the DMZ chat with the GR membership in an effort to shed light on the matter. It would seem that certain beliefs persist despite of that, so we've decided to share the whole process with you in hopes of satisfying your desire for transparency. This isn't an attempt to lay blame on anyone; we're just trying to do away with the half-truths currently circulating about.
  • 23rd of Aug; First Cold War PM sent to the whole GR staff.
  • 25th of Aug; The DMZ skype group chat created.
  • 27th of Aug; First GR response (short) in DMZ chat.
  • 31st of Aug;
    Long discussion, GR presents Balmorra terms.
    Terms are discussed for a while, but OS presses to pursue other avenues (that were put forth in the initial PM).
    Balmorra terms discussion put on hold until all other options are explored.
  • 31st of Aug; OS offers alternatives (e.g., capture the Eye of the Dark Lord).
  • 1st of Sept;
    Reverance [OS] and Taeli [GR] talk on Skype.
    Taeli takes the approach of skirmish first, with an invasion later if the skirmish doesn't satisfy the GR.
  • 2nd of Sept;
    Previous invasion vs. skirmish/campaign debate continued.
    Reverance argues that a CW would be very hard to sell, ICly, if initiated by a GR invasion.
  • 8th of Sept;
    Reverance goes on LOA.
    Vrag [OS] initiates discussion with Taeli on Skype, no response.
  • 9th of Sept; Another CW proposal sent in PM to Gir Quee and Taeli, no response.
  • 10th of Sept;
    Taeli and Vrag have a short talk, Vrag asks for updates.
    GR fail to apprise OS of any developments/updates/decisions.
  • 13rd of Sept; Vrag checks in with Taeli again, no response.
  • 14th of Sept;
    Taeli and Vrag talk on Skype, Taeli offers OOC peace with Balmorra invasion preceding it.
    OS disagrees, since the point of the CW was to not have any invasions.
    Taeli still pushes for GR invasion.
    OS send terms for their invasion.
If you have any questions or anything is still unclear, feel free to PM the OS staff about it. We are always open to the community if anyone wants to reach out to any of us.