USER : ISB-882

RECEIVED 11.4.874

FROM : Veid'er'esturuo
TO : Greth'an'esturuo | ISB-882

Your mother and I certainly appreciate the 'gift' from your Imperial friends but I'm afraid we won't be needing it. We have a vessel that should be cleared to leave Sposia within the next few days and so your Imperial credits should be bouncing back to you any day now. Where we'll go from here I don't know yet- I've heard of Ascendant remnants working to evacuate people in the area, I'll likely take my talents there.

I know of Neo Csilla and the diaspora communities of the Empire, you don't have to remind me for the...I don't even know how many times. I'm not going the way of the Empire, son. I'm just not. I understand you've found your calling, your career with them...but your mother and I won't be joining you that far. It's a waste, frankly.

I appreciate seeing the commendations and accolades that the Empire gave you, but they would've been put to far better use here. We might've been given a chance at actual status, actual meaning if you served in favor of the Aristocra, we could've seen ourselves brought into Sabosen- abandon this old, meaningless name, but instead- you bought into that Imperial drivel. Now your mother and I are left with nothing. All the work we put into raising you up, allowing you to be an attache for them in the hopes that your service would give us all a better future...and you squandered it.

Politely, we'll be refusing your charity. I don't know what corrupt deed you had to do to send us this but...I'm sorry, I have to refuse.

I don't think we'll be speaking again, son. Your mother and I have to move on.

Good luck.