Reflections of the Saaraai-Kaar

For centuries, we have held to ancient codes, some of which are useful, others not. For the most part, they are mantras, and we have not done much to develop them further. The galaxy is complicated, and what we do is messy. It's easy for us to cross a line and lose ourselves. There must be codes, must be rules, must be honor to keep ourselves accountable and remind ourselves of what it is that we do.

The old code reads thus:
I am the protector of justice.
I know no emotions,
I know the truth of the force.
I am the Protector of worlds.
I know the power of the true Force.
I am the defender of the true way.
The Universe knows not of my existence.
I pledge myself to the Jensaarai.
For I have found true life,
In the protection of the people I care.

It does things well and is something to be respected. There is much here to contemplate and study, but I have worked on refining it, defining it further, to make it more specifically our own. We walk a fine, and dangerous line, choosing protection of others through secrecy, subterfuge, and stealth when possible.

I am the hidden guardian of truth.
I know emotions and master them.
I know death and fear it not.
I know chaos and bring order.
I walk in secrecy to guard the truth.
I know the Dark, but do not let it master me.
I serve the Light and yet remain attached.
I am the hidden guardian of truth.
I am the protector of the galaxy.

Wear the armor, for it wards us.
Wear the armor, for it hides us.
Wear the armor, for it makes us strong.
Wear the armor, for it is our honor.

Our honor is our armor.
Our honors holds us in balance.
Our honor is our life.
If we lose balance, we lose honor.
To lose our honor is to lose our life.

I am the hidden guardian of truth.
The truth is the Force.
The Force is the truth.
The truth is our strength.
The Force is our strength.
The Force is invisible.
Invisibility is our strength.

So I swear, by my honor, by the Force, by my armor, to service in secrecy, to serve with honor, to serve the Force and all of life, to guard it against those who would harm it, or forfeit my life.

It is a bit long at the moment, at least compared to the Jedi or Sith, but we are not an easy organization. We have a complicated history and do a complicated job. It is easy for any of us to slip too far into the shadows and lose ourselves to the Dark. We are pragmatic warriors. But sometimes, pragmatism goes too far into brutality and ruthlessness. We must keep ourselves from slipping too far that way. It will be important to develop this and create a warrior code, a warrior's culture of honor, stronger than beskar to keep us from becoming our own greatest enemy.