Hola folks!

So apparently I am causing the draaaaamas.

Eheheheheheh. I regret nothing. For the record however, everything I do, I do for IC reasons. OOC is a whole 'nother beast.


Chiasa is a snarky, sassy, lying, bluffing crime lord. And this is exatly how she acts and thinks and how I write her. She is likely going to piss off your character. Thats fine. Recognize that it's IC.

For that matter, have a problem or an idea? Want to plot or whine or complain? Contact me children. It's not that hard. When we're having discussions and not dictating things, I am surprisingly reasonable. I'm all about that story yo.

You know what?


There's my Skype. I'm the one in Whitehorse Yukon. Add me. Talk to me. Or if you don't then don't complain. It's your choice. I'm right here, open to talking to folks.


Do I get snarky when people try and pull cheap moves, make things up or misrepresent things? Oh yes. Do I get snarky and refuse to cooperate when you try and dictate what I can and cannot do? Again, yes.

You all get to have your god characters and write as you please, you need to acknowledge that I am also writing a story, and am not just a footnote in yours to make you look more impressive. Deal with this. Gods knows I do. Realism friends. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. Mostly I and my characters do not, but we're not going to just roll over.