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[background=OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION[background= [/font]
  • [background=I[b]ntent: [/b]To flesh out a Mandalorian Clan centered on Concord Dawn
  • [background=[b]Image Sources:[/b] Self-Created
  • [background=[b]Role:[/b] Mandalorian Clan
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[background=#232323][background=GENERAL INFORMATION[/font]
  • [background=[b]Group Name: [/b]Clan Mereel
  • [background=Classification:[/b][background= [url="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorian_clan"][background=Mandalorian Clan[/color][/url]
    [*][background=Headquarters:[/b][background= [url="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Concord_Dawn/Legends"][background=C[/color][background=oncord Dawn[/url][background= Plains[/font]
    Clan & Honor, The Mandalorian People
    [*][background=[b]Group Sigil:

[background=#232323][background=SOCIAL INFORMATION[/font]
  • [background=[b]Hierarchy:[/b] Clan Mereel is headed by an Alor. An Al'ori'ramikade serves as his second in command. In addition to the Alor & Al'ori'ramikade, there is a Council of Elders that serve in whatever capacity the Alor and Al'ori'ramikade require, and in the [background=[font=arial]abcense
  • of an Alor or candidate able to pass trials for said title, govern the Clan as an emergency measure...[background= Proven members of the clan are just simply 'vode'. [/font]

    [background=Other ranks are honorifics or transient, and thus are made in[/font][background= the moment, and rarely codified or kept detailed, the title for the same position changing dependent on the moment in extremes.[/font]
    [background=Finally, there are Initiates. These individuals are unproven fighters. Perhaps they have seen one or two battles, but they are still relatively green.[/font]
    [*][background=[b]Membership:[/b] In order to become a member of Clan Mereel, one just needs to ask someone to vouch for them. If they can survive the trials of membership set down by their mentor, and the final challenge passed by the Council of Elders, they are Mereel. Each branch of the Clan, and each [background=[font=arial]vod
    himself, has different challenges, though they will almost all center around combat capability and critical thinking in battle, as well as maintaining ones[background= own honor and the honor of the Clan

    • [background=Preserve Clan Mereel[/font]
      [*][background=Further Clan Mereel[/font]
      [*][background=Fight as an example[/font]
      [*][background=Know why you act[/font]

    [background=[b]: [/b]Like most Mandalorians, their calling card is their armor. Members of the Clan tend to favor close quarters combat and melee oriented feats, thus their armor will tend to be heavier in style and function. Each member is known, in an unofficial manner, to bear a token memento of their younger years somewhere on their armor - a way to remember the beginnings and how far they have come and yet have to go. Earthen colors with bronze and gold alloys of beskar tend to be the most common. Members also tend to favor [background=[font=arial]double-edged, short bladed beskads or long, single-edged saber like beskads
    [background=, along with shotguns and pistols.[/font]

  • [background=[Alor] [background=Vacant[/font]
    [*][background=[Al'ori'ramikade][background= Dosun Mereel - Male Zabrak, Middle-Aged[/font]
    [*][background=[Council of Elders] [background=Janus Mereel, Hadar Mereel, Ulysses Mereel, Orion Mereel, Ishtar Mereel[/font]


[background=#232323][background=Mereel is an ancient name amongst the Mandalorians, with the most famous of their line being the mentor of Jango Fett, Jaster Mereel himself. Others of note have [background=#232323][background=[size=4]came[background=#232323][background= and gone, some occupying lofty heights in the warrior culture, and others lower points of focus. Most recently, the Gar'buir (or Slayer of Mandalore), Ijaat Mereel was recognized and then deposed as Alor after knowledge of his actions was received. [/font][/size]
[background=#232323][background=Mereel is a clan that follows more than just the Six Tenants, also holding to such things as the Ancient Cantons of Honor and most especially a near fanatical devotion to the Supercommando Codex and [background=#232323][background=[size=4]it's[background=#232323][background= ideals of honor. Many seem to think this means they lack the ruthless and merciless nature of their other vode in differing Clans. A Mereel will tell you this only means they have the sense to know when and how to strike with purpose.[/font][/size]
[background=#232323][background=Owing to their own evolution as often being Mandalorian Protectors, Shocktroopers, and Heavy Infantry, the Clan has evolved a predisposition to melee, CQB, and heavy armor with an emphasis on mobility as much as possible. While they are not without engineers and slicers and the like, they are rarer in this family than in others, and as [background=#232323][background=[size=4]such it is often a celebratory thing to be so inclined and be of their line, rather than the other way around as it being[background=#232323][background= viewed as a shameful thing.[/font][/size]
[background=#232323][background=To be a Mereel is to be a warrior of conscience. This does not, as they are quick to tell you, mean you help grandmother across the street all day. The causes you pick, the battles you fight, reflect on the Clan and the Mandalorian people as a whole. Mereel would encourage any bearer of [background=#232323][background=[size=4]it's name to think deeply on that fact,[background=#232323][background= and choose wisely their actions in the moment and out of it, for the good of Clan and the Mando'ade as a whole over even self.[/font][/size]