[color=rgb(218,165,32)]Tier II to Tier III
  • Sign a contract with two more factions or organizations. (May be NPC).
  1. Meeting with Charzon Loulan to discuss the purchase of mobile, orbital shipyards. In return for Freedom class space stations
  2. Swap Meet: Pergitor [The Kathol Outback and friends](Posts: 3, 5, 6, 12, 13)(Major Faction Contract)(Freedom Class Space Staions in return for safe travel through TKO space)
  • Make an additional three mass-production products.
  1. Shrike Mk.I Speeder
  2. Ra Speeder
  3. NA
  • Complete three miscellaneous threads.
  1. Infinite Knowledge
  2. Hanging Out - Undin Jaii
  3. NA