There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion…

She said the words over and over in her mind, normally they would give her some sort of comfort or direction. But no longer. They seemed hollow, empty and weightless. She knew the truth now, there was no peace only fear. No, that line of thinking wouldn’t do. she, Krystah Avun was a Jedi padawan, fear had no place in her mind or her heart. If her master could feel her turmoil she would know what to say to calm her, her master always had the right words and her voice…her voice was…
By the force, Krystah couldn’t remember the sound of her masters voice. Only the sound of her screams, it had been a terrible sound, haunting and horrifying and now it was the only memory she had of the best friend she had in all the galaxy. The thought made her sick to her stomach, she retched but nothing came up. Her stomach had been empty for days or had it been weeks or years? The hunger and the dark were maddening, she would die soon. What an odd comfort it was knowing death was so close.

The door to her cell opened and what little comfort she had was immediately replaced with fear. No it wasn’t fear, she was feeling but gut-wrenching, heart-stopping terror. Krystah did all she could to not be noticed, but there was no hiding. A scream caught in her throat as she was lifted from her cell which was nothing more than a covered hole in the ground. The light was so blinding she fell to her knees and was now being dragged by her hair. --- her eyes had finally adjusted to the light, to the moon light? It made no sense it was bright as day, Krystah looked up at the sky and saw not one but two moons. It was common knowledge that Felucia had two moons but it was rare, almost unheard of to see both at the same time.

The Felucian that had her by the hair was tall, well over six feet, and covered in red markings with its face hidden behind the mask of a Shaman. Her master had taught her that the shamans of Felucia were amongst the most talented natural force-users in all the galaxy. It had taken her across the courtyard to the steps of the palace and handed her off to two Felucian warriors who continued his work by lifting the young padawan and carrying her up the steps and onto an altar. Her hands were bound and she was once again lifted from her feet, her tied and outstretched arms placed on a hook at the end of a pole that kept her standing her feet barely touching the ground.

She was left dangling for what seemed like hours and was in more pain than she thought possible, but resolved not to cry and to no longer feel the tremble of her body. If she was to die it would be as she lived, as a Jedi. another hour passed and to her…relief? Was that what it was? Yes, it must have been relief. Relief that someone had come to finally end her suffering. Strange though, it wasn’t a Felucian that approached the altar now. The figured appeared to be a man, a human man. Wearing a mask that covered the top half of his face; and robes…Jedi robes! Her heart skipped a beat, did the council send someone to rescue her? She could cry from joy, she studied the Jedi in the moonlight the best she could and he felt familiar, the robes and the chin, the beard, she knew this man.

“m-Master Zhin?” she croaked feebly, Master Zhin had been the reason Krytah and he master had come to Felucia. Zhin had been exiled from the order and disappeared almost a year ago. --- when Krystah’s master found out about the council’s decision she couldn’t believe what she had heard. After all Zhin had trained her when she was a Padawaan. So the two had spent the better part of a year looking for him, to hear his side of the story and all their leads brought them here to Felucia, to this.

“Master Zhin, is that you?” she asked again with a bit more strength to her voice. The elder JedI nodded in response and Krystah’s heart lit up, her spirits soared, he was going to save her she just knew it. Tears began to slowly trickle down her cheeks, Krystah couldn’t remember being more relieved in her whole fourteen years of life.

Master Zhin smiled almost sweetly at the young girl and in almost a whisper spoke to her in a language she had never heard but still somehow took the joy she was feeling and turned it to dread.

“Wonoksh Qyâsik nun”

Master Zhin took the mask from his face and Krystah began to cry in earnest, big loud disgusting sobs rang out from the young girl, her chest felt close to burst and she was sure she could be heard for miles but she couldn’t stop. Master Zhin had removed his mask and shown his true face, his eyes looked to have been carved from his face and where they had been was now nothing, just nothing. The hopelessness of her situation was reflected in the empty eye sockets of the fallen JedI and all the joy she had felt was once again replaced by fear.

There is no peace…there is only fear.

Master Zhin had in his hand a dagger with a blade the length of his forearm, he took the blade and sliced her belly as easily as if he had used his light saber. He reached his hand inside her pulling her guts out upon removal. She could see her own intestines lying there on the alter as the felucians roared in triumpth. As she looked at her own insides now on her outsides with life fading from her, Krystah Avun no long felt fear or pain she only felt…