• rummaging behind cantina for droid parts
  • 4 street thugs approaching
  • low-level nobodies but Cina a no-level nobody so
  • confrontation! they demand whatever she's found, she says no because its the only way she's gonna make enough credits to get a ship off this rock
  • Thug 1 goes to 'teach her a lesson' and gets stabbed to death
  • Thugs 2 and 3 recover from their shock and go to grab her and hold her back (Cina fights back but takes a hit to the head so they grab her and hold her still)
  • Thug 4 goes to hit her with a bat, she kicks him with both feet in the chest
  • Thug 2 punches her in the stomach, knocking the air out of her
  • Thug 4 crouches down in front of her, she knees him in the chin
  • Cina stomps on 3's foot, frees one arm, elbows him in the face, and turns to knife 2
  • 3 and 4 have recovered, 3 draws his gun

Crime and poverty could be found in every corner galaxy - the only question was to what degree. Onderon was no exception.
This particular sector wasn't as bad as some - it wasn't somewhere you'd want to go after dark, but you wouldn't need to invest in body armor just to step out your front door, and there were a few good watering holes in the vicinity.
Behind one of said watering holes, a skinny young girl with limbs too long for the rest of her was busy taking apart an astromech that someone had left unattended and shut down. Her fingers were quick and furtive as she glanced from side to side, wary of anyone approaching. The parts from this astromech - in surprisingly good shape for an abandoned scrap heap - might not buy her passage all the way to Mandalore, but it would definitely be enough to get her out of town before she ended up dead in a dumpster somewhere.