Coruscant, 2000 Galactic Standard Time.

Entry one, HoloJournal start code 012796.​

Yusan sat down in a chair and stared at the recorder, speaking. "This is an attempt to figure out if i made the right decision in my time that ive been on my own. Its been eight years since my fathers death at the hands of a Jedi, a member of an order that i swore that i would see destroyed and its members massacred. My father had left me the means, but i was not ready yet and so my mother thought it best to teach me what she had been taught by the very order that had killed her husband and my father. I resented the teachings about revenge and peace, the only thing i payed attention to were the martial aspects that she taught me. I even hated her for a time at how she could just not blame the Jedi for killing the one that she loved and for leaving her child fatherless. Only after i lost her did i realize that she did it because she loved me and fear for me..." He paused and stood, walking to a window and staring out it at the streets down below.​

"For two years after that i plotted and worked to maintain the mercenary group my father and his father had started, but then i pardoned for murdering the killer of my mother, and my father's family worked to get me elected as Senator. To me this was the chance i needed, and to them this was the chance for me to prove i was worthy to carry the name that i did. But then i met was to be consider the only friend id ever created, then i got to Coruscant and i began to care about the people i represented after seeing the greed and Corruption that took root in the Senate. My Mother's teachings resurfaced and slowly i grew closer to the Jedi order without meaning to. Now i stand here, the night after the attack on the senate and pose the question to myself. While the Senators hid in their holes and i helped to organize Coruscant, only the Jedi were there to lend aid and they did so without even needing to. My hate for them turned to admiration in that moment and now i stand here conflicted about what i feel." He turned back to the camera before continuing.​

"Had i blamed the Jedi too harshly, should i work to support them... and worst, had my mother been right all along about revenge and hate. These are the questions i pose myself and for the next time i record my thoughts, and i leave this Journal with one last question. Should i give up on the Consortium, give up on being Void, and devote myself to the very Republic and its Jedi that i ever so despised and hated. I dont know and this is something that i need to think on, by starting this journal i hope that it does just that and helps me see the truth in my past."​

End Entry one, Code 012796​