Just making sure everyone here understands, under no circumstances are you being forced to age your character 6 years. Whatever age you want your character to be, just say he/she hit that birthday in 844 ABY.

Or don't and just stay the same age. Is it realistic? No. But we here at SWRP don't care. Okay, I didn't actually confer with the Staff team about this, but I can tell you I don't care. And they won't enforce it. The only thing we really enforce is being immortal or like thousands/millions of years old, because honestly - you're just trying to be cool with a number. It's not cool. Stop trying to make it cool. However...

Want to stay perpetually 6 years old? I don't care.

Did this timeline escalate you out of your mid-life crisis? I don't care.

Did you just hit menopause? Care, I do not.

Do you have 99 character alts and you don't want to go through each one of their character bios to update them? Actually, I care about you, and you need to get to work on that.

How does Chaos feel about time continuity? The events keep us in check and provide a cool story, and the years keep those stories in order chronologically as well as providing some sense of lore. But do we push that border of realism? How real do we wish to make this science fan fiction world?

What do we say when people ask how old their characters should be?

"We don't care."