Duchess Magrath
​The Duchess Magrath of Avidon, a character that I have constantly returned to multiple times out of a feeling of duty, as I feel that I continue to cut her character story short, or for whatever reason seem to feel that I can not reach what I feel this character should be. I have restarted her multiple times, and yet each time I feel like it is a disservice that I have done to her.
The last thread involving her saw her 'death' though I had planned for it to be a larger event, and more drawn out, extenuating circumstances forced my hand, and forced me to push the story to the conclusion with a single entry, rather than the long plan that I had envisioned. I feel that is what was part of the downfall and the failing that I had with Almira, the Avidonian Dominion and more recently the Raulynate (all of which I have allowed to languish).
This though means that I am pushing myself to further develop the character. By planning out what I want to happen with the Duchess, I hope that I will be able to finally see the fruition of what I believe is a character that could have so much potential that I keep turning away from in favor of other ideas.
Thus her story shall begin a new, taking up where I had left on. The Duchess will awaken from her slumber, trapped in Carbonite, and hidden away in a Sarcophagus to protect her body. She will reach out with the Force, drawing those that would aid her in releasing her from the prison, and it is my hope that she can and will become a figure of power that I know she can become.

The Supreme Commadante General of Cuteness himself shall always have a special place when it comes to my characters. Even more so now that the Omega Protectorate is faltering, he will need a place to call his own. At one point he was set to even become the Ropo Lord of Hoth, a dream that looks more like a fiction now. However I shall endeavor to bring him back to life, to breath a new into this character and see him run about with those that remain from the Omega Protectorate.
After all, whom could forget the cutest conqueror out there?

Yet another character of potential that I have allowed myself to look over. A young woman from Kashyyyk, raised by the witches and hearing the whispers of the long since dead and extinct from the Galaxy. A Seeress, Witch, Prophetess, whatever you wish to call her. I had a plan for her, one that would see her resurrect a dead species, and bring them back to the Galaxy. Now though with the rush for the Unknown Regions, it seems that this plan is pushing her further from the story that I had meant for her.
With that in mind it will be a slow transition. One in which I need to recenter and refocus Marmora, to find out once more what I truly want to do with the character. What I want her to accomplish and how she would set about that in a Galaxy filled with turmoil.

Tasgetius Blackwood
There is much to say about this character. I had started him years ago as a simple warrior that had founded the Knights of Kal'Shebbol, with the idea of a group of warriors that essentially were the opposite of the Jedi Order. A group that focused upon Teras Kasi rather than the force.
The Knights had thus gone through a multitude of variations in different forms, and even with the most recent site event Netherworld, I was attempting to use it to otherwise catapult the Knights back to prominence, though I created Tasgetius a new too late to have any real impact or to otherwise explore the character and the Knights.
Thus I envisioned a new plan for this character, one that I due to my own laziness and inactivity, have allowed to slow, losing what little momentum I may have once held. Yet this has not stopped me from a renewed offensive.
For now Tasgetius shall lead the Outer Rim Imperium, an evolution as it were of the Knights of Kal'Shebbol, as Tasgetius would see that the Knights alone would not be able to bring Order to the Galaxy, and thus needed to be changed.

Almira Magrath
The Daughter of Duchess Magrath. I had envisioned the character (and her siblings) as part of the over all story I had planned for the Duchess, which I was forced to push forward. She was to unleash hell upon the Galaxy, and I lost focus and sight of what the character was to be. Rather than a calm, collected and hellish warrior, I turned her into a whining, angry Anakin.
Though I found a bit of clarity from the help of @Lysandra, and it has begun to bring me back on track as to what I had wanted to accomplish with Almira. While I had reformed the Avidonian Dominion into the Raulynate, another failed faction upon my part, I have since slipped it in with the Outer Rim Imperium.
Thus rather than focusing on Almira and the Raulynate, I am going to step back in the scope of things and events. I shall focus on Almira, and her budding relationship as she is reunited with her sister Lysandra. For there is much to do with that story, and I am remiss that I have allowed it to otherwise become a slow and long process of my lack of posting. A fault that I plan to and will rectify.

An Unnamed Zeltron
I have so many characters left untouched, with plans unseened or fathomed, and it seems that I can not stop myself from finding those that would otherwise inspire me to create new characters, even as I feel that I leave others behind. Thus this list is being created due to this new idea.
This unnamed Zeltron is still in the planning phases, and yet I am already bias in choosing her faction as being the Outer Rim Imperium. I feel though that I must further push those that I have involved with the Outer Rim Imperium, to ensure its own survival, as an idea that is worthy of growing.

For now these six characters are those that I shall focus my time upon. By cutting down on my clutter, I plan to ensure that I am refreshed and ready to focus on those that I have planned for. I shall push myself to further their stories and goals, and I hope that I shall bring about their rise in prominence that they deserve.