So I know this is fairly freeform roleplay, and people “role with the punches” a lot of the time. This is a living, breathing organic beast of a roleplay site. That said, I still like to have a character development timeline in mind.

I never expected to be enjoying roleplaying a Gungan. Truth is I am and so I want to think about adding more depth in future. So I started to try and think about what might happen.

He’s from a primitive culture on a deadly world. Forced to reach the peak of physical prowess. When he leaves home, he finds that his skills are very much in depth. Picking up five figure sums for collecting rare creatures for the Beast Hunter’s Guild for @Mrrew

Does he stay on this path?

Probably not! There are so many distractions all around. Fine food, drink, culture, the Holonet…

So I think the next slow phase of character development will be a descent into idleness. Being physically thrown out of the Beast Hunter’s Guild would be enjoyable!

After that, I’m not sure? Maybe it would be good to have a redemption story! Perhaps Jaani could start to understand the Force abilities he naturally uses and regains and even greater focus and discipline than before.