Who is your hero? Who inspires you and how you write? I will talk about a subject that I know well, me.

Qui-Gon Jinn. My idea of the best Jedi there had ever been. A great hero, a powerful swordsmen. He did what was right, no matter what. He was guided by something greater than himself. Easily the best character of the prequel trilogy.

Anakin Skywalker. An influential character par excelence. Poorly written in the films, he was better understood in writing. Conflicted, troubled and touched by the Dark Side. A constant struggle. Powerful beyond belief and entirely human.

Revan. Hero, villain, butcher and savior. He defied the Order, touched the Dark Side and survived to once again become the savior of the galaxy.

Kit Fisto. Charming and personable. A master of Form One.

Ulic Qel-Droma. A mighty Jedi swordsman and hero of old. Corrupted by the Dark Side, he commits and a terrible sacrilege, killing his own brother. He comes to feel remorse and helps the Jedi find the source of evil.

Lucien Draay. Never quite good enough. Form One adept, does something terrible but redeems himself.