I have had a bunch of character ideas floating through my head.

1. A mystic healer sort who uses a Force-imbued staff as he abhors killing. He would use Stun, Alter damage and that ability which makes others sick to their stomach(s) without actually hurting them. All Soresu, all the time in the rare instances of fighting. Vodo Baas is the main canon character inspiration along with Oppo Rancis, Yoda and other sort-of woo-woo esoteric good guys.

2. A higher-level Padawan or perhaps a recently promoted Knight who falls away from the Order after their Master is killed during a botched mission. They would turn to bounty hunting and mercenary work, becoming a Grey Jedi of sorts. They would use blasters, grenades and sometimes their saber. They would be a Form VI user, not much of a duelist but very good with blast deflection and a crack shot thanks to their Force abilities. Sometimes a mission would call for a target to be killed and he or she would do it but be conflicted.

3. A Rattataki male, physically a juggernaut. Son of a tribal leader who dies then the tribe leaves him after a betrayal. He falls in with Dark Jedi.

I prefer the NJO 'styles' of saber combat over the traditional Forms. To me it makes more sense to use a simplified version of say Djem So and Shii-Cho to make Strong style or whatever. It's more practical and faster to teach, also the three rings as a defense which could be used in all styles. It's not as elaborate and fancy as the 7+ Forms, but it could take literally years to master just one form. That's fine during peacetime but when at war, not so much.

Also, the whole idea of Apprentice versus Padawan. It feels like a sort of cult mentality, indoctrinating kids in the Jedi ways. I can see why the Sith prefer to wait for life to shape potential apprentices and sneer at the 'brainwashing'. Life is hard for everyone in some way but it is the best of teachers. A person can choose to be bitter and selfish, Dark side qualities, or they could learn compassion and forgiveness. Situations bring out true nature.