. . . "Take him, he'll fetch a much higher price! Please don't kill me, please!" Neris shouted, cowering from behind the blaster that was pointed directly at his face. It had taken a brief moment for this honourless display of betrayal to click within Kael's mind - too late to react, the attention had already been brought onto him. As the menacing crowd of slave traders moved inwards to surround him, Neris faded from his field of view.
"Neris?! Neris!"
BANG! The gun shot echoed throughout the alleyway, and darkness fell.

Surprisingly, the gunshot was followed by two more bangs, and in that instant, Kael's eyes flitted open.
"Mr Selos, your rent is due! Now get out here, or I'll be forced to kick this door down."
"W-what?" Kael murmured in response, rubbing his eyes.
He pulled himself up and glanced around the room, his eyes adjusting to the rays flooding in through the worn out, hole ridden curtain. With a vague tint of yellow, the light captured the individual particles of dust floating in the air, and illuminated the rest of the room - it was furnished with a slightly broken bed that was covered in a patchy worn out blanket, a rickety chair and a table that sat in the corner of the room. The accommodation was okay for what he was paying, but he still struggled often to make end's meet. Stretching, he pushed himself from his bed and made his way for the door.
"Yes?" The door swung open and Kael's head popped out from the side, an exasperated expression on his face.
The yellow, pudgy Twi'lek, with an arm extended, stood back from the door, "Your rent is due, Mr Selos. Pay up."
"Alright, alright! Give me a second then." Kael stumbled back from the door, sliding on his garments. Frantically searching his room for the credits he had laid aside for the rent, it soon dawned on him that he had lost it all in a bet on one drunken night. Turning to the door, he braced himself for the reaction. "So... any chance, I could say, give it to you in about... a week?" he asked, feeling that he had pushed the limits with each pause he had taken.
"No. Rent please."
"How.. about... say, two weeks? or --"
"You know the deal, Mr Selos. - don't pay, off you go."
"But-- ugh fine!" Kael let out a sigh, as he watched the Twi'lek move onto the neighbours. Used to moving constantly, he was quick to make a brief sweep of his room, picking whatever little valuables he had, before departing. As he walked out of the apartments, and made his way onto the dusty, busy streets of Bestine, he began to hatch a plan.