This is just a brief tidbit I will likely link to future allies, or newcomers to the site.
Remember one simple thing: Conform.
If you do not, you are liable to take on an image you can never shake. You will receive hate, behind your back mind you, for the rest of your stay. Rectify whatever the issue was? Too late. Its been done.
Some of us have been on site for years, simply to enjoy doing the majority of our roleplays alone. For whatever reason, the hate spreads, and youre left writing solo. Sometimes past transgressions aren't always forgiven.
Also, don't adapt aliens from other series to Star Wars (lmao!!).

The bottom line is this: if you question em, don't RP with em.
Haters gonna hate for no reason!
Lmao this has been a news report brought to you by a hated player.