Hutt Space
Exact Location Unknown
Industrial. Cold. Metallic. She’s noticed early on that the room was lined with material that dampened sound, made to not absorb screams but blunt them. By the time the blindfold had come off her vision was too warped and crooked to see straight. There was nothing much to look at, just a dark room with a cluster of fluorescent lights directly above her and a few rough looking men surrounding her.
Her arms were bound tightly along either side of the chair, the fingers on one hand bent and broken with the nails ripped out while the other had its syntheflesh torn away entirely revealing the prosthetic beneath. It was in pristine condition, for even the thugs knew that it would be pointless to try and wreck it.
Not while she was bound, anyhow. They could sell it for scrap later depending on what ended up happening to her. Whether dumped in a ditch or sold, it was doubtful that Saeed would let her keep the cybernetic enhancement.
The door opened, dim light from the hall illuminating a tall broad-shouldered silhouette that lingered there for a moment. He took a pull from his cigarra and stepped forward, once, twice until the abrasive lighting above Joza danced over his face. Handsome, dark haired and clean-cut. Even with her vision blurry, the face of the slaver was recognizable for a number of reasons.
He dragged a chair over from the corner, placing the back in front of her before taking a seat himself. He gave her mashed and bloodied face a long look before the deep reverb of his voice bounced against the padded walls of the room. “You don’t look too well, Pearls.”
Wrists rested on the back of the chair as his hands clasped lazily together, staring at the woman in front of him as if trying to catch her gaze. “You never make things easy.” He paused, as if waiting for her response.
There was none, just a listless gaze to the side. He almost wanted to take the force suppression collar off of her to see what she’d do.
“Sorry to hear about your girl,” He continued and her eyes snapped over to meet his immediately. It pleased him to see how they burned, to know that there was still fight left in her. It didn’t surprise him, and it wouldn’t have been a shock to learn that she’d been playing soft this whole time. “She’s quite the little prize, her new Master paid a lot for her. You should be proud.” A thin, mocking smile tugged at his lips as he leaned closer to her face. “You should train your spies better, Pearls.”
She spat at him like an animal, blood and froth and even a tooth splattering onto his face. “Feth off Adnan.” She slurred, muscles contracting as she attempted to leap out of the chair and strangle him herself. The bolts holding it down shuddered and creaked before coming to a rest as her strength gave out and she sagged back into the seat.
The thugs exchanged glances, unsure of what would happen next.
Saeed’s face hardened for a moment before smoothing out into something unreadable, using the sleeve of his jacked to wipe the blood and spit from his face. He reached over with his free hand, fingers skating gently along an aging whip mark that ran across her shoulders. “For someone who’s experienced the slave life, you’re not very well behaved.”
Before she could retort, Adnan jammed the lit end of the cigarra into her left eye and held it there. It sizzled as she wailed in pain, body stiffening as a string of curse words ran through her mind and fell short on her lips. He held it there until all she could see was sunspots and fire, then took it away to admire his handywork. She was panting, bound nail-less hands tightening against her palm and head drooping lazily to one side as she tried to comprehend what he’d just done. If they were going to auction her, this would be a hard sell.
“You’ve been interfering in my business for too long, Pearls. Now, it stops.”
Her head lolled over to face him, staring at him with her one good eye. Her left arm was broken in several places, fingers bent back and nails gone, kneecaps shattered. Half of her teeth had been pulled out, she’d taken enough blows to the head to see stars everywhere she looked.
The slaver met her gaze, taking a long pull from the cigarra before leaning down so that his face was level with her own. “Where are they, Pearls? Where do you have the rest of em?”
She smiled, bloody and unhinged but decisive as she jerked forward and smashed her head into his face.
It was going to be a long business meeting.