Dear Ma,

A lot has happened lately, you may or may not have heard but Coruscant was ravaged. No, scorched. Wait. It is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland that I would not touch with one of those new-fangled super star destroyers that everyone seems to have these days. And uh, yeah, that was... Mhmmm, not sure how to describe the time I spent there while watching it burn, but I'm sure on a scale of one to ten. Ten for ten would not do again, nope.

Did you know that it was the Grand Marshal who was a supah secwet Sith Lord the entire time? Consider me very surprised good to figure that out as I was, y'know right there in her face calling her a Rent-A-Ren.


Listen. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


I can hear you now, Ma. It's fine, she smacked me with a fear spell but hey - hey, it's cool. Just, gonna have to repay the favor, eventually. And funny, about the whole Coruscant thing. They gave me, the Alliance, the Galactic Alliance that is sort of ... okay. Totally went into hiding, y'know Sith be errywhere these days. Anyway they gave me a boat, for being a 'Defender of Coruscant.' It's one of those Mon Cal ships, so I called it the Moontail. I've sent it your way along with the Argosy - y'know that puzzle breaker of a ship that I got awhile back. Also, sending my blockade runner your way, called the Starstruck.

Don't worry. I got a new ship, yeah another one, me and the old man Coren got one custom made from CEC and Jorus's Wretched Hive. Called it the Princess Leia, even got a Princess Leia decal on it. Pretty sweet, huh?


And there's one more thing.

I may have met someone.

We'll see, anyway, gotta run we're suppose to go hold hands sing songs while ripping into Sithspawn with some other Jedi kids. Will write to you soon, attached are the keycodes to the ships. Also, still working on that new lightsabre for you - since you... uh yeah. Anyway, love you, please don't murder entire villages today. Send my love to Esme and your person.

Hugs and kisses, from your beloved Trash Panda.


[Note, I'm running low on cash... can you uh... yeah... <3 love you.]