< Alright, been a busy year for me. thrown in with the Underground, The Silver Jedi, Roberts Rangers and a handful of other small factions. So far I've been working slowly to develop any rogue forcers I come across but hey, I can't do everything.
I regret to say the fleet is no longer with me. After my extended absence in Deep space they seem to have disbanded, with Tyrannus falling to the dark side. Which is a shame, he was an excellent friend, and a stalwart explorer.
In my travels I’ve picked up a knack for using a Shotgun. A lot of Shotgun usage yes.Also have been able to plot jumps without the Nav computer as well. In fact I've begun to just plot them random,and jump into whatever situation I'm drawn into. Being a Warden of the Void has its duties ya know.
Speaking of which, it's a lonely life sometimes.Having to run a cover, a secret identity, and hunting down the injustice of the galaxy with your life. Yes I aid galaxy, not starlanes. While I respect Wardens of the Sky their jurisdiction has primarily been just the starlanes. Mine is wider, encompassing damn near about everywhere. Which means I have a large burden to bear.
On my way to Orrazerus with a padawan. will record my findings there.>