I sat tonight talking with someone for over an hour trying to figure out ways to help them. I have what I call a Mommy Gene that when someone is hurt it kicks in and says do something to make someone feel better.
I told a couple of jokes, and tried to remind them that sometimes writing doesn't go the way you envision it in your head. I myself have fallen into that same funk of disappointment when things don't go the way I want. So I knew from experience the feeling, the hurt, and the anger that this individual was feeling.
Letting go of our own ideas can be difficult when it is something we desire so much for our characters, our creations.
However in post by post role playing you don't have the luxury of just telling the story you want, the others that you interact with, write with influence your stories. Sometimes take them in directions you had not thought of, or hold you to a path of something you see tumbling towards you and just can't get out of the way of it. This is why it is post by post, and story writing.
Disappointment just rippled from this person. I tried to relate stories like I remember how much I wanted to write with a specific writer, would have sacrificed the story I wanted just for the opportunity. And how much every time I asked that writer would say, sure, start something, to only not reply, or say they lost their muse, or just flat out tell me that it didn't fit into their character's story. It was painful, there are times even today when it happens, It's painful. I end up questioning myself, and my writing skill. The reality is not everyone wants to write the same story, not everyone has the muse the moment you have yours, and sometimes your style of writing just conflicts with theirs.
The thing to remember, and I try to remember (sometimes I fail at this), there are lots of writers, lots of stories. And not to eat too many thin mint cookies while I drown my disappointment in a glass of milk,...or a glass of Moscato.
I recommended my therapy to this person thin mints, milk, wine, time off, different writer for same story. All of which were kindly dismissed. I didn't fix it. The mom gene failed. I asked myself if the roles were reversed would I have done the same...and yes...when you're hurt nothing matters but the hurt.
But I wanted to share, that after 15 years and having come across almost all the reasons why someone doesn't want to write with me, or having hundreds of ideas and be told no you can't do that. I can honestly say that tomorrow the sun does come up, and each day there is another writer born who eventually finds a post by post role play to write a story. And that forum called role play discussion definitely offers the opportunity for you to find the person who wants the same story you do, with the muse at the same time, and a willingness to go with your writing style.
If someone tells you no to your story idea, you can be hurt and disappointed, but don't let it swallow you up, steal all your muse or joy. Life is far too short to have someone steal our moments of joy.