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Sullust Jedi Academy Opens Crystal Cave, Hot Tub
  • Sources confirm that the New Jedi Order has cut the ribbon on House Eglarest, a crafting facility in a crystal cave. We'll be keeping an eye on statuesque Housemaster Varek, especially in light of rumors that the deepest, warmest caves hold secret mineral pools. Said one Padawan: "Eglarest has the best hot tubs, and trust me, I know Jedi hot tubs."
Army of Light Re-Re-Returns!
  • We at Burlap Brigade are huge fans of the Army(ies) of Light and the hot young thangs who sign on. But no AoL administration has been hotter or younger than Arisa Yune (sorry, Michael Sardun). She's tight with the Supreme Chancellor, she's a Jedi Padawan, and she's going places as Grand Marshal. Maybe this'll be the one to go all the way.
Master Sheila's Microscopic Mini [UPDATED]
  • This As-Aki Jedi Master may be tiny, but her style is huge. We go in-depth on her signature 'pixie minidress' look and the latest juicy gossip on the senior Master of the Republic's Jedi Council. UPDATE: It turns out she's four years old, which may or may not be underage for her species. Further updates as we confer with Legal.
[background=Our Goddess, Kerrigan, May Have Birthed The Force’s Baby[/font]
  • [background=Burlap Brigade and the Bando Gora Reavers agree: Sio Kerrigan is divine. But sources inside Firemane (now a Force Order!) tell us that her latest family member may actually be Force-born. Chosen One? Heir to the (business) empire? You decide!
    Jadeite Order: For All Your Jewellery Needs
    • We've gushed over Matsu Ike's bangles and debated the ethics of Sasori. Now we're totally stoked to find that a new 'Jadeite Order' has kicked off -- Jedi with a crafting focus. And that means bling.
    Micah Talith's Secret Lover?
    • She's a woman of mystery, shadowy in the literal sense, and she's been at his side for years. Either she's a Defel or she's got a fetish for personal cloaking devices. Has she got our favorite orange-eyed alchemist howling at the moon? We have exclusive (if somewhat blurry) pics of the inseparable pair, and experts weigh in on what this would mean for inter-species Jedi love. Aroo!

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