Normally under any other circumstances I would keep quiet about general things related to this type of subject.

But, I live here. This is my home. This person and his brother lived here for years under the guise of citizens. Attended college, made friends, built trust and relationships with those around them. They secretly plotted amongst themselves to place pressure cookers filled with shrapnel along the route of the marathon on Boylston street in Boston and then simply walked away as their planned destruction ran its course.

The outcome? On April 15, 2013 They bombed one of the largest marathons that takes place every year, killing several, including a small boy, and permanently injured more as well as emotionally injuring thousands. The entire city went into lockdown. What else?

On April 18th You murdered my friend in his squad car. For what? For nothing. Then you ran from the police and in the initial shootout you ran your brother over (Not that I really care.) before proceeding to hide in a boat in a residential district in Watertown. We caught you April 19th. You are a seed of evil. To betray the people you lived amongst, their trust, their lives, their families.

You attacked my home and ruined so many lives.

Nearly two years later, after 11 hours of deliberation you've been found guilty on all counts. Now take what comes to you.
I hope they sentence you to death.

(Note; Original post was edited for accuracy.)