Chapter Zero


"Once upon a time, there were two Mandalorians. Two inseparable women who had built and destroyed for one another in equal measure.

But one thing they could not give each other, was a child.

So they paid good money to the cloners of Kamino for the creation of a Strandcast. A combination of their own DNA to grow a single sentient being as the ultimate symbol of their conjoined hearts.

But one of the mothers wanted more than a just child. She wanted a weapon.

So that was exactly what she created.

The child was taught as the ancient clone troopers were taught. And when the child finished her training, she was taught as the Mandalorians were taught. When she had learned all she could of the Mando'ade, She was taught as the ancient Commandos were taught.

She was outfitted with advanced cybernetics to keep her sharp and focused. Biological augments to keep her body healthy.

No expense was spared in turning the child into her perfect little weapon.

None, save for the child's own mind.

My name is Tayl Vizsla. and this is my story."

Writer's note: A lot has happened since I began writing Tayl in March of 2021. Too much for me to accurately describe in her bio alone. This article, which will constantly be expanded with new pages as her story continues, will serve as her expanded "Backstory" and "Timeline" tracker. I will include some IC "Diary" entries on some pages, which can be found IC on her personal data pad but only with permission ahead of time.

Current Story Arc:

  • Blood and Gold
    • As tensions rise between Tayl and her mother, a new face tempts the neglected clone with everything she ever wanted.
    • Coming soon!
Previous Story Arcs:
  • Level 1313
  • The Gunslinger
  • Tales from the Vat