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A shockingly sober Zandra sits at the edge of the bed. Around her, a half dozen empty pack of cigarettes lay scattered on the crumpled blankets. Between the cybernetic fingers of her right hand, she is holding the last one. The smoldering tip burns slowly, ash collecting on her bare leg.
"I think I'm used to it," she says, bringing her cigarette up to her lips, "Being alone, I mean."
She'd dropped her heavy spacer accent and is now speaking in a crisp, clear voice. She takes a drag of her cigarette, blows smoke at the camera, but she doesn't ever look into it.
"Over the years, it was something I thought of as a temporary state. Until I find Calico. Until I find his body and move on. Until I find him alive and put the family back together. Until I find a new crew. Until I... nothing. None of those 'until I' 's worked. Now my kids are basically adults and I'm just.. looking at my blaster and thinking how nice it is that the kids don't need me as much anymore. Makes the decision easier, you know?"
She sucks on her cigarette for a while, saying nothing. The low lighting of her cabin on her ship flickers now and again.
"Cal, you know, you really are the only man I can bring myself to love. But you're gone. I'm starting to realize that. Maybe you've been dead for years and I've been wasting my time looking for you. maybe you're alive and happy somewhere with a new family. Maybe..."
She snuffs out her cigarette on the cold metal palm of her right hand.
"So, this is it. This is my final message to you. I've sent 999 messages. If Lady luck exists anywhere, this is the one that'll find you. Lucky number one thousand."
She looks at the camera now. The years have taken a toll on her. She was never beautiful, but she had a brilliant determination to her. Now she just looks tired. She leans in, finger on the button. With some effort, she manages a smile.
"One way or another, Cal, I will see you again at the end of the Universe."

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