The scene could be so grim to someone who preferred solid ground beneath their feet, to look out and see nothing but an empty expanse that stretched infinitely in every direction with only the faint glow of stars hundreds of light years off in the distance to show the way - if there could even really be a way, out in open space. Someone could make the case for both agoraphobia and claustrophobia if they tried hard enough, she supposed, but she loved it, all of it. The silence of the vacuum that her ship flew through, the serenity of actual solitude, all of it helped lower the natural stress that life put on her each morning and at the end of every night.

A slight hum and mild vibration was all that gave sound to the cramped space, or at least it would have been if not for the half-hearted humming and occasional whistling that Ellie made as she lounged in the flight seat, her feet propped up against the duraglass panels that lined the hatch covering the cockpit. There wasn't any rhyme or reason behind the tune she made, it was just bits and pieces of other songs she knew but not in any deliberate order and generally a random selection of whimsy, but it gave a sort of peaceful feeling, like the feeling nostalgia might leave behind, to the part she enjoyed the most of space - traveling at sublight.

She counted each of the stars she could see through the viewport idly as the ship drifted through space, her left arm hanging down limp at her side, in the space meant for her legs, while her right arm was resting against the back of the chair. 'Day three hundred and one - still alone, enjoying the quiet.' She thought to herself, mimicking what she figured she might sound like speaking into a diary or something, with a hint of a smile - a look of amusement at her mental exercise. 'Nearly at Csilla, ran out of food last night and need to stock up on some supplies if I want to make it to the core.' The blonde continued, reaching up with her left hand, staring curiously at the back of it as she pressed the tips of her two longest fingers against the cold glass. 'Meditated on the force this morning, felt like Csilla was the right way to go, though the star chart shows Sarvchi might have been a better pick to make up for lost time.'

She lowered her hand at the thought, the sensation she'd felt earlier, in what would have been the morning on Bastion, returned to her like as if she'd been experiencing it for the first time. "I wonder if it means anything.." She thought aloud, shutting her eyes to think on it a while longer. She'd been practicing with the force since the start of her self-imposed exile, particularly in more esoteric ways, so the feeling was about as vague as it could get in her mind - she was still pretty bad at anything that wasn't just making herself faster or temporarily more physically fit or anything like that. Some things, though, were starting to come to her - beginning to make sense in ways she hadn't been able to grasp as an acolyte.

'Maybe I'll finally be a real Jedi.'

An innocent hope, perhaps, but as she drifted off into sleep she willed the thought to the forefront - finding herself among the stars, as she was trying to do now.