Besh Credit Loyalty System

Besh Credits (Usually just called Besh or using the symbol) is a loyalty system started by Kuat Drive Yards. Besh can be used to purchase any Kuat Drive Yards product that is available for sale located on the KDY Sales Catalogue. Besh Credits are awarded through contracts, negotiations, purchases, or any other interactions made with Kuat Drive Yards. Sometimes, the President can authorize an amount of Besh given for no reason, under special circumstances. Anyone who has interacted with Kuat Drive Yards has a Besh credit account, even if they don't know it. However, if no personal information is known, these Besh credits will empty after a certain time! Any individual or organization (Yes, Organizations can earn Besh credits, too!) can fill out the Registration Certificate below, to make sure you never lose your Besh Credits! Remember, this is a private certificate, so don't just use any ordinary transit system to send them, send it on a secured holonet transmission to the President of KDY!​
Besh can not be converted to Credits or used with Credits to make a transaction.

Name: (Organization or Individual)
Home Location: (Home Planet, Homebase, etc)
Affiliations: (Any organization, whether they are companies, factions, groups, taskforces, etc, that you are affiliated with. May reward bonus Besh! For any party!)
Career: (What is your job? This helps reduce unwanted advertisements on KDYs Holonet page, only showing relevant items for sale)
Send this in a PM to Ferron Troste

Besh Accounts
Confederacy of Independent Systems - 0

Mandalorian Empire - 700

Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing - 0

Bounty Hunters Guild - 0

Yasha Mantis - 300

Kaine Australis - 320

Logen Brunner - 10