* These were spoken to a specially designed holocron given to Konahrik as a child by his mother, this is the tale of his past in the form of a journal*

Day 1- *A child-like voice can be heard from the other end.*
"Momma gave me this as a present today! She called it a 'Ho-low-cron'. She said I should talk to it everyday, and that it'll help me remember everything better! I'm gonna call it 'Hollow'."

Day 2-
"Hi Hollow! You'll never guess what happened today! Momma was talking to Daddy about something called 'The Force'. When I asked her, she told me it was 'an energy field created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxy together'. She told me one day, I would be able to use it for good things. I hope its soon!"
*Several entries after this are either damaged, or irrelevant, so you decide to skip them*
Day 32-
"Hollow! The most amazing thing happened! Momma sat me down and said 'Today, I'm going to start teaching you about the force'! I was so excited. When I asked her what I could do with the force, she said 'Many things' And then she lifted me up without even touching me! It was so cool! I tried to do it too, but I couldn't. But Momma said I would learn in time."
*The next 12 entries entail most of his training with the force as a child, he only ever learned to move small objects with his mind and to run faster, basic things, but to a very limited extent. It would only be logical that the continuing would keep up with this pattern, however as you go on, you find the next one is damaged, but still playable. . .*

Day 45- * This entry seems full of static after the begining, but there are things you can make out.*
"Hollow, I've learned so much from Momma! *A door opens in the back ground, the next speaker (Surrounded by hyphens) has the voice of a young, but clearly much-older-than-the-child woman.* -Konahrik, my child, your father is waiting for us on dinner, let us be going.- *The voice seems to be getting closer to the child, until eventually right next to him* Okay Momma, I was just talking to Hollow! But I can - *His sentence is interrupted by what you can only assume was an explosion. Screaming can be heard in the background, and the next bits are full of static* Momma! Whe- *Static* Momma? Momma!!! *Static* Momma. *He sobs* *Static* *The rest of the entry is too damaged, too much static to discern anything that isn't the sound of a flame that got close to the Holocron.*
*The next entries are empty, it seems many months were skipped.*

Day 3068- *The voice is much older than the last entry spoken in*
". . . It's been too long, Hollow. . . I never told you what happened. Mother died that day. . . I was eavesdropping when I heard Father say it was 'terrorists'. . . so I did some research. . .
It turns out the fact that mom and I exist wasn't even supposed to be known. When someone found out Dad was married and had a child with someone that wasn't another Mandalorian, a group of hutt-spawn decided it was their duty to make a statement about it. . . Dad says they were all killed, but I don't believe him. . . I will find out the truth. . .

Day 3071-
"Turns out I was right, Hollow. . . I payed one of the guys in my training squad to find out, and it seems one, cowardly shad got away. . . we'll see about that. . ."

Day 3097- *There are two voices in this entry (Again the second separated by hyphens). The second voice seems afraid.*
"Oh hello. . . - Huh? Wh-who are you? - I wonder if you remember seeing this. *although you can't see it, it would be logical to assume he means the holocron.* I was talking to it when you and your little bunch of Bantha Poodoo bombed my home, and killed my mother in the process. . . - What are you going on abou- wait. . . You're the kid? You didn't die with her?! - No. . . I didn't. And you, the person I hate most right now, didn't die along with YOUR group either. But I'm about to change that. . . *The sound of a vibro-blade unsheathing can be heard in the background* - W-w-wait, what do you think you're doing? That was all in the past! We can just get over it, can't we? Wait, no dont! - *The entry ends with the sound of the blade slicing into something, the sound of liquid trickling on the floor, and the gasp that seems to have come from the second voice.*

Day 4003-
"Sorry I haven't spoken to you in a few days, Hollow. . . I needed time to think about what happened. I killed a man. . . I made sure he stopped breathing before I left him in his own blood. . . I don't know if I made the right decision. . ."

Day 4004-
" I am going to be eighteen tomorrow, Hollow. . . I have already graduated from the military academy too, so I would have nothing to worry about then. Father says that as a noble, it would be my time to find a suitor, but that won't be happening. . . I refuse to spend another day on this planet. . . I've been saving up, and I leave tonight. It may take some time before I speak to you again, but I promise you, we won't be on Mandalore when I do. . ."

Day 8021-
"It's been ten long years, Hollow. . . so many meaningless things have happened, save for 5 years ago. A man claiming to be a Yashuvhi helped me when I was lost in the jungles of Felucia, he offered me shelter, and I had no way back to my ship, let alone off the planet, so I accepted. He taught me a little more about the force, helped me refine the little bits and pieces my Mother had taught me before the incident. I still have a long way to go, and the Yashuvhi only has a limited amount of knowledge, I need a real master in order to improve, I strive to learn the ways of the force, so that I may prevent such an atrocity from happening to anyone close to me. . ."

Day 8022-
"I had forgotten to mention yesterday, Hollow; Whilst I do not regret saying he wasn't a 'real master', there were a great many things he taught me. Particularly, he taught me the art of wielding more. . . exotic weapons. Whips, chakram, lances, double edged swords, even fiber-chord connected blades. As much as I hate to say it, the training in the academy back in Mandalore helped. . ."

Day 8623-
" A merchant ship came by a couple of days ago, I was lucky enough that they were willing to give me passage off of that rock. I will probably miss that Yashuvhi in the future, but he was fine with me leaving, said he preferred living alone anyway. . . Who knows where time will take me."

Day 9416-
" I've been stuck in Nar Shaddaa for about 3 months now. . . I don't know why I thought I would find any force users here. . . This place is nothing but a cesspool. To make things worse, I don't have a way out of here, yet again. . . everyone wants money to get me out of here, but that's something I simply don't have. . ." *A young female's voice can just barely be heard from the holocron in the crowd of a what is assumed to be a spaceport* "Hmm? Hold on a moment, Hollow. . ." *the entry ends there*