Hi. I'm Anna. I like games.

Wuzzat? Not enough? Okay, fine. I've been around on this site for months, and my RP and staff days seem to have come and passed. I like the OOC community, though, and I've been hanging around because of old friends that are fun to chill with and just have fun. And some of you have probably noticed me spamming the gaming section with new topics whenever something happens to me in a game recently...so I figured why not move that stuff here.

After a blog post from a friend that really got my dander up, I decided to create this little monstrosity. Here, I will talk about games. Video games, tabletop games, card games, game theory, or whatever else game-related that strikes my fancy. I have a couple of rules of conduct for myself. Whether or not the comments section follows suit is entirely to their own discretion.
  1. I will only discuss things that I have proper experience with. You will not hear me bashing any game if I have not played it. Yes, this includes FATAL.
  2. I do a ton of theorycraft. Sometimes I'll use that as an excuse for "proper experience" and I'll make sure to indicate beforehand that this is what I'm doing.
  3. I will try my damndest to keep from saying anything overtly inflammatory about a game. Even if I dislike it, chances are there are people who play it, enjoy it, and adore it. To this end, I won't say anything bad about a game that I don't also have something good to say about. Very few games are entirely irredeemable.
  4. This will not be a profanity-free zone. However, I'll try to keep the language mild so I don't draw stern looks.
  5. I'll update when I want to. I'll respond to comments when I want to. I'm explicitly holding myself to no schedule here.
So, without further ado, let's get this show on the road.