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Time: The week after the Battle of Metalorn, 836 ABY

Thinking about it, I might as well use the diary just to keep track of a few things. I've heard from other trainees talking that they keep diaries for something like that, so that they don't forget about certain, specific events that are important or interesting. Either that, or write about stuff questioning why no one will talk to me.

I guess to start this off, I'll bring up the Battle of Metalorn. I wasn't assigned to anything much, at first. I was to assist Master Ettevy and drop in with a prefabricated base onto the planet's surface. It didn't take long before the Empire was already attacking the base. Master Ettevy told me to stay in the base and hold the gate should it ever be breached. It was hard to understand the Talz, but I believe he told me he would take me as his Padawan after the battle. It was nice of him to show concern for me after everything that happened between his last Padawan and I.

I'm not sure how my actions contributed to the battle. Artillery strikes forced me to fall from the wall of the garrison. Several non-Jedi soldiers fell with me. Even if I tried, I wouldn't have had the power to save them all from the fall. That's one weakness I need to correct in time.

I was saved by a strange woman with a high pitched voice, though. She could only save one soldier, too. The rest perished upon hitting the ground, I assume. No time was given to the bodies as the Empire was already upon the walls.

Moments after that, the woman dragged what seemed to be a corpse all the way to the gates. It was Kalen, if I recall correctly, whom was on the team with Master Aleidis at Ilum. He had no arms or legs. I'm not sure what happened, and deep down I'm glad it wasn't me. I can't imagine living without my limbs, or at least using cybernetic replacements.

As the battle continued, I decided to stay outside. I could have sworn that I felt that Master Ettevy was in danger. Even though as a Jedi I couldn't do much, I felt compelled to seek him out and try to help him. However, I was caught up in a fight with the woman that saved me against a Sith Twi'lek. The battle was brief and intense, though the woman and Sith talked too much. The retreat was sounded during the duel, though, and I took an escape shuttle to the fleet in orbit above the planet and returned to Coruscant.

Despite being given a real lightsaber, albeit not a design or color saber I prefer, I didn't directly kill a single being. I guess that was for the best. I can't be certain what I'd feel if I do kill someone.

After the battle, I received news that Master Ettevy died. His body remained on Metalorn, unrecoverable among with possibly thousands more. I guess this means I may have to wait a bit longer for another Master to offer training to me, though apparently I have been given the opportunity to recieve lessons from the Battlemaster due to my actions in the battle. I'm not sure if this is an insult or honor, I'm still unclear of those things with Jedi even after all these years.

I learned the name of the woman that saved me through second hand information: Fabula Cavataio. The family name seems familiar to me, yet I don't know the exact reason why.

Overall, the Battle of Metalorn was very chaotic, but enlightening. It was a first for me. I'm not sure if I should expect my future with the Jedi to be similar to such battles. The Republic is in constant war, yet the people on Coruscant always talk about not wanting war.

I guess that's it on Metalorn, at least as far as I can remember on the spot. I'll take the time off to polish up on my saber skills even more.