The Banshee's Wail

It was a strange thing standing there, the empress had ordered us to work and use old technology, old methods for what she wanted. Organic crystals hadn't been used since the force hounds of the old empire, our power had even been diminished but the forebear of the Fringe Confederation had reawakened in the Wrath One the force and with her power. Knowledge came, force users were harvested and captured from her wife's world, altered and brought to us for experimentation.

Now we have managed to with work to create the chance to bind someone to a crystal. The research needed to find the properties of the Tsil have been invaluable. We will continue our research and work to better understand the powers the empresses wish to recreate but our lack of knowledge has led to problems. We do not have all the answers but raiding the other clans has led to plenty of test subjects for us to practice on and isolate that which makes them Rakatan, which makes them have a soul as it were.

This is good and it will allow us to better know what needs to be used to bind it to the crystals that are growing in the labs of the Blood Countess ship. It has led to new chances to raid worlds and find food, find test subjects. One we took was from the empresses own stake. A zeltron from Dromund Kaas who fought with Lord Shinju against these New Order sith. Now there is a word that only appears in a few tomes and records one of the first people we wanted to enslave.

More to come after the initial trials.