What difference is there between a man and a box?
One could argue that there are very few. Do they not begin in darkness — in the shadow of the womb, or the black of soil? Are they not cultivated by careful hands — the words of a parent, or the tools of the carpenter? Is not their final shape a result of their experience — the bad and the good bundled into a single whole?
When gazed upon through that lens, the differences between the Mand'alor and the "gift" before him were minuscule. A box had been wonderfully made: hand-carved, stained, and even adorned with hinges of beskar. Yet, just as with a man, what mattered most was inside. A banner, licked by the inferno of war, laid at the bottom of the masterpiece. It was a relic: one whose mark could still be seen; despite its defeat on Wayland.
And nestled within the folds of this fabric, once flown by a storied clan, was the written form of a rhyme every Mandalorian knew by heart. The Resol'nare. Untouched were its words...save for a single alternation: "Our Leader" was underlined.
No note was needed, for the message was loud and clear. Clan Skirata fought bravely on Wayland, but in the end, their banner fell.