Let's be totally frank here. Being overpowered is game breaking and not fun. There is no challenge, kind of like hitting level 20 in Skyrim vanilla. You become a demi-God and the game ceases to be fun anymore. Why? Because you're a master of pretty much anything that matters. It gets to the point where you intentionally gimp your next character just to make it interesting again.

In terms of an MMO setting or just interacting with others, it's a pain for everyone else. You suck the enjoyment out of everything.

Here, as some other people have said, there are folks who have mastered over a dozen different Force skills and, at times, all seven forms just as some icing. Why? Just because you can justify it in writing, doesn't mean you should. Even Yoda had limits for his Force powers and he was noted for being possibly the strongest Lightsider for quite a long time.

Obi-Wan was a master level but he had become highly advanced in only two forms. Mace Windu, Cin Drallig, Yoda, Sidious...they had become essentially battlemasters (masters of all 7 forms). Yet they were the exception. Also, note that Yoda was over 800 years old during TCW and 900 during A New Hope. Windu, Drallig and Zallow were past 50 human years.

As I had said, Naga Sadow and Zannah were among the strongest Sorcerers yet were nothing special in combat. Raskta Lsu was a weaponmaster but she had to neglect her Force skills.

My point is: Balance. Gimping your character makes it more fun and interesting for yourself and everybody else.