The screen on your datapad flickers as it begins loading the text of the file. 50 Tints of Rust, the Holonet Comic Novela! (Although still working on the comic part, hopefully in near future that feature will be added in :p)

50 Tints of Rust

by HK-36

This is a story of an assassin droid's journey towards life, sentience, and love, and the unavoidable misadventures along the way. It begins during the age of Old Republic, shortly before the rise of Mandalore the Ultimate as leader of the Mandalorians, on the brink of Mandalorian Crusades when the Mandalorian Crusaders brought the Old Republic to its knees. The story will not always have a set chronological pattern, in some instances flashing back to the Old Republic as well as jumping forward to the Galaxy at time of Clone Wars, The Empire, the New Republic, up until the Contemporary Times Post-Gulag Plague.

Summary and Few Words From the Author:
50 Tints of Rust will begin shortly before the Mandalorian Crusades, giving account of my creation and first moments in this Galaxy, it will continue to describe my experience in the army of Mandalore the Ultimate during the Mandalorian Crusades and being utilized as a weapon against Jedi. After the Mandalorian Crusades, the story will move on to my capture and service for the Jedi as Training Droid, although a short term in the Galactic Timeline, large portion of my narrative will come from that time period and will conclude with me leaving the Jedi Order and distancing myself from large portion of Galactic Community. Next parts will be much more brief and in nature closer to short stories and anecdotes with similar chronological theme rather than a single story spread over vast majority of time, due to me being absent from Galactic History for most part after my leave from the Jedi Order. Multiple stories will be told throughout many Eras, sometimes simultaneously, they will be divided into Story Arcs for easier management and track of them.

Thank you for taking interest in this story, it is all based on factual events, I hope you will find it entertaining.

"Then it still continued to evolve and develop, until I am in current state, nothing like the droid I was made. There is a saying I once heard in the Old Republic: 'There was once one little inorganic cell that got a mind of its own, and decided to become alive.'"