Attention: this message is only meant for authorized personnel only. If you do not believe you are authorized to have this message, please exit the message, and delete this message. A kill agent will deployed for security reasons, which will terminate you if not authorized. If you are authorized, continue reading, the kill agent will not harm you.


//deploying Informational Kill Agent
//life signs still detected
//loading message...


Maintain. Protect. Forget.
Welcome, authorized personnel.

This is a message from the Warden Council. If you are reading this, congratulations, it means that you have been selected for a special assignment for the MPF Corporation. This means that you have been selected for your special skills, whatever they may be. The MPF Corporation has protected the Galaxy for a while. If you haven't heard of us, good, you shouldn't have. We are extremely secretive, and what we do is highly classified. Everything we do is for the protection of all life as we know it within the Galaxy.

If you choose to accept our message, you will be sent another message soon. We will remain in contact, and we will closely watch you.

Maintain. Protect. Forget.
- Warden Council