A brief but hissed inhaled parted her lips to expose gritted teeth as the swab of bacta brushed against the bruising patch by the corner of her eye. Fingers carefully touched against her forehead and cheek to expose the slight gash left by one of the brute’s particularly nasty right hooks. The doctor swabbed at the wound once more and Kaili twitched on instinct as the pain stung against her temple.
“Sit still.” His muffled voice filtered through the mask on his face. “We are almost done.”
Yet Kaili did not respond. Her eyes remained fixed on the feeds in front of her and the brief clips shown thereon. Flash for flash she would find herself with the carnage on the streets of Coruscant, of the infiltration that had brought about what she had once hoped for when her life had been different. Yet here it was, the Alliance was crumbling, and Kaili couldn’t help but feel little more than remorse over her own actions. Over her own thoughts and beliefs as the death count began to pop-up and the feeds die down.
“Eight armed men single-handedly.” The doctor said and Kaili snapped out of her stare.
“What?” She asked, her voice failing her in disbelief of what was happening at that very moment.
“The men who boarded us?” He continued, his mood seemingly unaffected by the news being broadcast on the screens. “You know, I don’t think I ever caught your name, Miss… ?”
Kaili looked at the ground for a brief moment as the shock grew harder to swallow. She had already dropped off the radar for the most part. A select few people knew where she had gone. Out here in the Outer Rim there was a whole palace worth of people wondering where she had disappeared to, and on Coruscant and Borleias there was a company finding itself with all of its patents released into the open and last but not least closed off, all of the winnings of the last few years having been spread out evenly across all employees once any external ties had been taken care of.
By all intents and purposes, all the ties that the woman once known as Kaili Talith had seemingly disappeared save for a select few. Then again, those ties hadn’t been all that many to begin with.
“You’re doing that thing again. We need you in the present.” The doctor said and turned the feeds off.
“Sorry.” Kaili whispered and cleared her throat. “It’s Amea Virou to most. Effigy to some.”
“Effigy?” He said in surprise and amusement both.
“Long story.” Amea said and looked away from the black screens. “How is it looking?”
“Well, you are either an artful dodger or you have a thick skull.” The doctor said with a laughter to try and lighten the mood.
“Maybe a bit of both.” Amea hissed in pain but laughed along regardless.
“Not every day a whole crew is saved single-handedly from pirates by a single woman.” He said, grabbed her chin and raised his light to pierce at her deep brown eyes. “Well, your eye seems perfectly fine. Lucky miss, I guess.”
“Shame. I was quite looking forward to an eyepatch.” Amea said and tucked her black hair back behind her ears again.
“Or a badass cybernetic eye.” The doctor said with another laugh at her good humor.
Amea’s eyes lit up with excitement.
“It’s not too late to go back, is it?” She joked. “I would kill for a big red glowing laser eye.”
“Not my field of expertise I’m afraid.” The doctor said and offered her a hand up.
Amea didn’t take it. Her hand pushed against the ledge of the sick bed to get back on her feet and walk out the room. With a final glance and smirk she threw the doctor a quick nod of her head to say a quiet goodbye and thank you. He returned it with one of his own and with that Amea, or rather Kaili, brought the HoloPad on her wrist out of hibernation to stare at the feeds that she had been denied during the last parts of treatment.
Coruscant was a warzone. A few weeks back she would have been wrought with worry, but there was no worry now. Maybe a sense of determination and admiration, but no worry. The hologram on her wrist shone in her face as she traversed down the hallway with the bacta patch stuck to her temple. The messaging application popped out on top of the rest and Kaili swept at its surface.
“I know you can do this, and I know you will give them hell. The first few rounds are on me when we meet again.”
Sent from one Kaili Talith to one special Allyson Locke as one friend to another. A happy smile spread on her lips as she lowered the arm and looked up at the hallway before her. The mess hall was coming up and Kaili was more than open for a meal right now. Her fingers touched at the console by the door to open them.
“Ayy!” One of the crew members shouted in joy at the sight of her and she recoiled for a second in surprise.
“Aaaaay!!” The rest shouted with him shortly there after.
The smile on Kaili’s lips grew wider as she stepped into the room to receive a hero’s welcome. A woman ran up to her and began to pull Kaili towards the makeshift long table that they had set up before she placed Kaili at the very end where all could set their eyes upon the facade that the blonde had set up for herself and her new return to her roots as a Warden of the Sky.
Amea Virou, the daughter of a simple farmer from Sulon with records of her existence going as far back as grade school grades and a birth certificate. It wasn’t perfect, but it would throw many off her trail and let her do her job. A job that she had found a new appreciation for after all the lessons she had learned through the years.
“How did you do it?!” The question lingered on all their minds.
A brief chuckle parted Kaili’s lips into a grin as Amea took the front again. With her elbows rested against the edge of the table she gave them a somewhat nonchalant shrug as if her victory had been no big deal.
“Well, first off…” Amea said and began to retell the story.
For the moment, there was a sense of peace within the young girl. There were many things she had held heavy doses of doubt about when it came to doing this, but for the moment those weren’t important. Maybe one day she would return, or maybe this was just who she was now. Either way Kaili Talith had finally managed to find herself in a place where she knew that she belonged out here in the vast emptiness of space, keeping innocents free and the hyperlanes clear.
From the ashes within her rose a phoenix with a glow unlike anything she had ever felt before.
This must have been what it felt like to know you had a purpose all along.

Well folks, I guess this is it then. After three years of writing, two of which has been one of the magical experiences I have ever had, the time to put Kaili Talith on the shelf has finally come. She isn’t gone, lord knows I can’t bring myself to do that, but the time for another character to take her place has most certainly come.
This is in part because of IC and in part because of OOC. For the longest time I have struggled to keep myself separate from this character to such an extent that I have almost forsaken that which matters the most: my real life. As real as Kaili has been, she is still just a figment of my imagination and the stories that she has helped me tell and experience are stories that I will take with me for a long time to come. From hosing down a Sith Lord as a child to letting me feel a sense of true love between two people in times when such a romance felt unrealistic for myself, the escapism she provided was once a help but eventually became something else that took too much from me without me realizing.
The time has now come for me to take my real life situation more seriously, and for me to seek new adventures on the side. Maybe a Jedi, maybe a Sith, maybe nothing. The purpose of this blog post is not to say I am gone. I love writing too much to truly give it up, and I love the format of Chaos too much to quit. All of my friends who have helped shape Kaili into who she is now, I want you all to know that I love you.
Fact of the matter here is, I love you as a whole Chaos. You are ugly and have the worst of opinions and you are not afraid to tell literally everyone about it, but perhaps that’s just part of your appeal. You suck, but I love you.
As of now, Kaili has made all of her creations (except personal droids and commissions, etc.) available to the public. If you ever stumble across an item in the Factory made by her company you are free to use that as a template for your own submission without asking me for permission. Not that you would have needed to ask before anyway, but whatever. Her wealth is being distributed evenly amongst those who had worked for the company to cover the costs of having to find a new job.
As for Kaili herself…
Well, for the time being she is going to remain in the Outer Rim where she has a chance to experience the life she has always known she was made for. Fighting pirates, making friends, and learning more about herself.
Keep it real, Chaos. Peace.