"Ignorance is bliss... but not yours!"

"An adorable rank structure, the Mandalorians have. They do not harbor sects of the Force. There, I would be a meager Initiate; but here on the battlefield, I am simply Ashe the Reaper, and I am the sovereign commander of Death."​

"Loyalty is earned, not owed."

"All the money in the world cannot make me happy; but it can build ships to kill you with, and your death would be found quite pleasing."​

"They said 'be like water.' Only, water doesn't bleed when shot...."

"There's no such thing as innocence, only different degrees of guilt."​

"I didn't start that fire!"

"There are no such things as 'right' or 'wrong,' only varying choices and consequences."​

"When you die, you will pass on to the Nether? Isn't it funny, then, you are the instrument of your instrument."

"The soul is truly the most powerful thing in this galaxy. Like matter, it cannot be created or destroyed, only changed."​

"After seeing it over and over again, the images get burned into your head... until there's no more film left to burn, and humanity is lost."

"Foolish humans!"​

"...Noses so high, they can slice the stars."

"If you truly wish to die, I will not hold it from you."​

"I really miss her (Saera)... I hope she's doing well...."

"They'll never learn.... Good, it means less work for us."​

"Your integrity means nothing if you're dead."

"The Dead hold no remorse. The Dead do not forget."​

"Life and Death define each other; inseparable."

"I'll burn your pathetic, pretty little eyes out!!!"​