It was November 7 2016, twelve o'clock midnight. The moment the calender on my PC saw the 6 jump to a 7 I turned to Spotify to check out the next release on the label Monstercat, named DROELOE - Bon Voyage. I hadn't heard of the Dutch duo before, but I heard from other people that their music was top notch. I personally reserved my judgment until I heard the track, although looking back I have no idea why I didn't listen to any of their other tracks beforehand. Perhaps it was a good thing though, because when I listened to the song for the first time I was simply blown away. I decided to listen to it again. And again. And again. I listened to Bon Voyage on repeat for three days straight and I still wasn't tired of it.
That is the story of me discovering one of my favorite artists/groups of all time. DROELOE truly is special. They make a style of music that is both filled with energy but chill in a way, music that makes you want to dance but at the same time is something you can fall asleep to without any issue. It's funny how I link the song Bon Voyage to me sitting in a bus driving over the highway at night, and experience that was incredibly soothing. Yet, I also remember sneakily jamming out to it over and over again as I told Spotify to repeat the song again and again.
What I like about DROELOE specifically is their signature sound. People often complain about the reusage of synths, but when it's done right it poses absolutely no issue. DROELOE is a textbook example of using certain synths to create a unique sound, but still keeping it diverse. No song sounds like it was made by a completely different artist, but every release is distinct in its own way. They don't overdo the same song structure, they switch the focus from the bass sounds to the highs, and tune small things just a tad bit differently.
Simply said, every release is a treat. I am really glad I got to discover them and they will always be one of the first artists I would recommend checking out if you're into the future bass style of electronic music. I will leave you with one more song to check out while I buy myself a ticket to Monstercat Uncaged so I can see them live.