<Open Log One>
Artemis. The name of a famous hunter in ancient mythology. Throughout time we have come to see many people and things as hunters. I'm building a n A.I. capable of hunting, slicing and interfacing between myself and whatever electronics I come across. There is something useful about having a full blown automated sentient program that can do things for you. Less hassle on yourself, less time spent doing mundane things, and improved survivability in weird situations.
So first the concept. Artemis need to be smart. He needs to be able to transition between platforms such as say an Armor, to a Ship, to a data pad, toa full blown network. Doing this will honestly be the hard part. You have to design a datacore that can be a light running application in a system rather than a heavy running application such as server of networks dedicated to running the binary..
With the use of multiple data cores it needn't honestly be that hard though. Most AI's have a central data core and then other cores built around them, allowing them to compute, store info, and do whatever with the extra cores. Think of the central core as if it were a mother board or hardrive, and the extra cores as Random access memory. More memory more computing power!
Alright that’s it for now. More to follow.>>