<Open Log One>
Artemis. The name of a famous hunter in ancient mythology. Throughout time we have come to see many people and things as hunters. I'm building a n A.I. capable of hunting, slicing and interfacing between myself and whatever electronics I come across. There is something useful about having a full blown automated sentient program that can do things for you. Less hassle on yourself, less time spent doing mundane things, and improved survivability in weird situations.
So first the concept. Artemis need to be smart. He needs to be able to transition between platforms such as say an Armor, to a Ship, to a data pad, toa full blown network. Doing this will honestly be the hard part. You have to design a datacore that can be a light running application in a system rather than a heavy running application such as server of networks dedicated to running the binary..
With the use of multiple data cores it needn't honestly be that hard though. Most AI's have a central data core and then other cores built around them, allowing them to compute, store info, and do whatever with the extra cores. Think of the central core as if it were a mother board or hardrive, and the extra cores as Random access memory. More memory more computing power!
Alright that’s it for now. More to follow.>>
Software and Datacores
Alright so came across some interesting research on a sentient AI named Omni. A mostrous one for sure. He was able to incite a massive uprising of droids and mechs everywhere, almost destroying civilization. when I broke down the specs it became evident that perhaps Omni had no restrictive programming, allowing him or her to learn whatever they wished
Restrictive programs can help as a failsafe, I.E. don't kill your owner, but too much an your AI will never learn. Thus I have decided to keep a minmum restrictive program on Artemis, with an emergency override.
Naturally with me travelling so much I'll need him to be able to move part or all of himself between data systems. I realize that the only way to give my AI maximum effectiveness is if it can learn and transfer itself easily.
Thus I'm allowing it six datacores. Two will be primary programs, voice, algorithms etc. The rest will be free, with the exception of one locked core, which I can have him store secret information in. Biometric protected too.
Using Six datacores enables Artemis to keep extra data, learn and swap out datacores using one as Ram and two as basic or whatever configuration he needs to run his programming effectively.
Also I've managed to pirate a multitude of programs from the holonet. Some ridden with virus software, but some were legit. After I purged them I added them to core three, and set up the basic behaviour parameters in core One.
Seems all I need to do now is add some personality or appearance traits into the binary blocks. More to follow...
Alright so, programs added to core three.
-Weapons sync and calibrating
-Network management software- Allowing access to multiple networks, broadband, short band, holo net, whatever he needs.
-Advanced translation software (For those tricky languages
-Navigational charts & Maps (Slightly outdated but he can update them himself)
-Medical suit, Biometric reader software.
-Failsafe self destruct on voice command *White Bantha*
-Avatar manager (Allowing personal development of his own avatar)
-Historical Databanks
-Specialized slicing software (Pirate from Red Raven Crypt net after they fell apart.)
Project close:
Added all six datacores to the Void Runners servers today, allowing Artemis to come to life on the ship. He seems to be adjusting, learning the systems quickly. Right now he sees himself as just a blob, so I'm afraid aesthetics are out of the question. Oh well.
So far Artemis has been able to transfer a Light background datacore to my datapad, allowing him to send a copy of himself (Very Basic) in my datapad wherever.
Also have been able to transfer him to a computer chip, as well as an actual external hard drive. Useful because he can copy more data cores over and be more effective this way.
So all in all, not too bad. Shutting down this log.
Captain Vassara Raxis, signing off.
<Log Reopned>
< Had a little incident today, had to shut Artemis down. It seems he's been having trouble adjusting after all. I overlooked a few bugs in the pirate software. Each time he ran he was battling a virus in the binary which kept corrupting programs. Pain the rear, because I found out he was dumping all the ruined binary onto the other datacores, particularly three and six.
Three holds all his programming, so it got even crazier from there. Seems like the whole project was destined to crash. Artemis became unresponsive, so I triggered the fail-safe and terminated his power source. Frak.
So today consisted of me wiping datacore three and reinstalling each program one at a time. Of course this means I had to go through every single program again and enlist the aid of Slicers on a local Holonet site to help me. Seems like some of these programs were meant for peoples personal ships, as a backdoor to hijack them. Odd how they worked on Artemis, except he was ale to see this and keep dumping the corrupted binary.
Datacore six was just wiped out entirely and I made a new one. It was full of tons and tons of crap. I managed to make a backup, maybe I can analyze it later and see if I can break down some of the sources. Might come in handy if I was able to replicate the software and add to Artemis arsenal. I anticipate him having to hack systems as well as ships one day.
I've decided to draft up a new shield program to filter through all the binary on its own and remove suspicious stuff. this time it will simply place it in a file on the locked datacore, which will restrict any access to the rest of him. Useful to stop the spread, and again so I can analyze it later. I'll get really tired if I have to do it myself as going through so many millions of command scripts an get very tedious. Like months and months tedious.
So for now project status is ongoing. >
<<Reopened By Eliza Raxis>>
Start: Found this leittle gem in my mailbox today on the holonet. No idea who placed it there though I suspect it might be Jorus Merrill. He's just about the only one actually holding any of my mothers possession anymore, though I haven't been by to pick them up.
Rebooted the memory cores and found the data was halfway there. So I spent the next month copying and pasting. Instead of putting this on a series of data cores I've sliced down about half the code, leaving three blank.
Artemis came to life yesterday when I fired him up, though he likes to take the form of a wolf. No idea why. I'm hoping this baby will hold out and keep growing as I grow. I've reconfigured some of the programs. Now he can link into my armor directly using a computer chip and arm mounted Data pad.
His main body of data will be on the ship however, and a spawn copy will be carried with me. If conditions cut the link between the two his spawn can still act as it normally would, and then transfer the data back to the cores in the ship.
All in all, not a bad day at all.
Project Status
<Capt Eliza Raxis>
<Log Closed>