The Arsenal is a collection of all Factory or Codex submissions pertaining to Arlan Zy'rosh that have gone through the vetting process and been approved by the judges.

Non-Player Characters
A listing of all submitted and approved NPC'S that are utilized to further Arlan's story, and that of any groups or organizations he is affiliated with. Characters listed here are free to use as long as they are Role-Played along the lines of their established personalities and are not killed off without permission.

Long time friend and companion of Arlan Zy'rosh, Feeran has become an institutional member of the mercenary troupe known as The Carrion Company since it's coming to Rutan. Born and raised to be a Rutanian warrior and defend the planet from outside oppression, Feeran learned quick in life that backwater teachings would keep no one safe. Setting out to train himself and become more learned of the galaxy Feeran's insight into modern military tactics and proceedings enabled him to rise quickly in rank while he was with the Rutanian military. When The Carrion Company arrived on Rutan claiming it could provide the military support needed to keep the planet safe it was Feeran's words that swayed the nobility into accepting the offer. After which Feeran left the military and joined with his old friend Arlan to help build up The Carrion Company and ensure Rutan's safety. Today he is a well known figure within the company's ranks, and highly respected by his fellow Rutanians.

A listing of all submitted and approved weapons in present or past use by Arlan Zy'rosh. Unless otherwise stated, or clearly unfeasible, all items in this listing are to be assumed on the person of Arlan Zy'rosh.

The peacemaker is a modified, high-caliber, slugthrower revolver with a built in Ionizer to enhance it's firing capabilities. Initially a standard slugthrower revolver, the weapon was highly modified over the years by Arlan Zy'rosh to meet his needs. Eventually settling on a design and function that would suit him permanently, Arlan broke down and reconstructed the weapon so that slugs fired from it would be ionized and take on the properties of both blaster and slug upon leaving the barrel. Until fired the special function of the revolver is unnoticeable, making a nasty surprise for any that believe a decent set of armor is all it takes to stop rounds for this sidearm.