The Helix Syndicate's armory comprises the general equipment most frequently utilized by its employees. This mostly applies to weapons and armor, though it also covers an assortment of vehicles, droids, and general equipment designed to make life easier. The Syndicate personally handles the manufacture of its droids and general equipment. Weapons and armor are produced by its subsidiary company, Myton Defense. Aside from what Myton Defense produces, supply contracts were also sought out with more specialized and independently owned companies. This ensures that the Syndicate maintains a varied catalog of resources to draw on for any conceivable situation.
Every item in the armory is given a class rating. These ratings determine the accessibility of these items to the Syndicate's personnel. Class C items are generally available to anyone, though Class C weapons are obviously not accessible to to non-combat personnel. Class B items are items deemed appropriate only for those with relevant military training and are most frequently seen in use by the Syndicate's Shock Troopers. Class A items are either not widely manufactured enough for general use or are considered too valuable (or dangerous) to be left in the hands of anyone without the highest level of skill possible. These items are generally only seen in use by small, specialized units (like Force 32) or the Syndicate's lieutenants.
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