Ariadne Sygne ( æriˈædnae - sɪŋ)​
Force Sensitive Independant

Sygne is a female force-sensitive Arkanian offshoot. Sygne was, during different times in her life, a Jedi Padawan, a smuggler, and later a 'grey' Jedi who had left the order to pursue other ventures. During her time with the Silver Jedi, Sygne had many adventures, including helping to thwart several galactic uprisings, reemergences of the Sith and various other conflicts. Before her departure with the Jedi, Sygne became increasingly distrustful of their intentions and eventually grew apart from the Order, leaving before she was promoted to Knighthood.
Strength and Weaknesses

Cynicism. It can't be overstated the paranoia and distrust Sygne has in regards to the galaxy. Evident from her tumultuous past she has a healthy distrust of the Silver Jedi Order. Once a Jedi herself she no longer trusts fellow force sensitives and often finds herself more comfortable with the likes of smugglers. She also believes people are motivated by self-interest and self-preservation rather than the act of being truly selfless. Sygne still holds true to her Jedi roots but it seems that as more time passes she becomes disconnected from the ties that held her to that old religion.
Skepticism. Sygne has always had a healthy, if not excessive, need to question the morals of any actions or factions. She was on several occasions chastised by the Jedi for her near constant questioning of the councils intentions; she eventually drove many to believe that she herself was not truly a Jedi. She has a very deep need to doubt the truthfulness of certain individuals and has the gift of reading people better than many. Sygne's ability to read people, however, was not something she was born innate rather she had to learn from painful experiences to develop this strength.
Audacious. Sygne has a flair for the dramatic. She has never been one to run at half speed and when given the chance she will willingly cause more ruckus than whats needed. This trait has often seen its personal inner battle with Sygne's low-key and often isolationist attitude. She prefers to not be seen by others but if she has to reveal herself during a confrontation she will make a heavenly show of it. This, too, was why the Jedi did not condone her actions; subtlety is not in her vocabulary.
Force Technique. Sygne is particularly good at bending the force to her whim. Through the years she has attuned her skills to compliment her ability to wield a lightsaber. The two in tandem can create a display of ability that if truly remarkable. Though just an apprentice when she left the Jedi she is now twice the force user she was when she fell out. He greatest strength lies in her ability to use telekinesis. Similar to her ability to use the force, Sygne also has the ability to wield a lightsaber skillfully. Countless battles and confrontations has shaped her skills to a deadly point. Her form resembles that of Shii-Cho.
Code of Ethics. Since leaving the Jedi, Sygne has come to terms that she no longer abides by the code of the Jedi. She believes that one does not simply have to be apart of 'Jedi Order' to do good in the galaxy. Sygne believes that good nature and the Jedi are not mutually exclusive. She further believes that many of the laws that govern the conduct of the Jedi clashed with the personal beliefs she held with her own personality.
Sygne's intent is to appear as low-key as possible. She prefers to fly under the radar when out in public. Her pale Arkanian skin coupled with her height (5'11") causes her to stand out among the other near-human species. Her age (36), as well, is not something she regularly discloses; if not for the sole reason that she doesn't want anyone to know her past. The less information she divulges to people the more in control she feels. On any given day Sygne is outfitted with a custom robe that has been outfitted with armor inserts underneath. The armor inserts are made from Phrik alloy, Sygne had to sell her first starship in order to afford the inserts due to its rarity and lightsaber resistant components. The outer robe was once her Jedi garments but have since been altered to resemble very little of her past dress. The undergarments are made of a black body suit type material that is very comfortable to the user.
Sygne by conventional means is considered very attractive, but she tends to hide her face for anonymity. She is Arkanian thus her skin is pale white and has ice blue eyes. She has been known to change her hair colors but it typically stays blonde (almost white). A physically built woman, Sygne has very defined muscles amidst her slender physique. She can hold her own in combat thanks to her build, but at times has issues with physical labors. Many a times her male counter-parts can out power her due to her slim build -- although it is to be noted that what she lacks in physical strength in relation to males she makes up in force prowess. Sygne also wears on the usual occasion garments that are specifically tailored to her unique build.
Due to a horrific injury whilst in the Order, Sygne's left arm is made entirely out of cybernetics. The mechanical-arm is an advanced version of already on the market parts. It features an electrostatic fingertip sensory system that simulates the sense of touch. Sygne has on multiple occasions complained of damages to her sense of feeling in her upper left arm due to malfunctions in its wiring. It often times will short out and send sygne into a bout of intense pain or the arm will outright stop working in order to reset itself. The data in the forearm is collected by the fingertips which are transmitted through sensory lines running down the fingers and into an interface module located in the wrist. The power cell is located internally at the base of the forearm. One upside to the loss of the limb is the ability to exert far greater strength in the the arm than what she would normally be able to achieve. Sygne wishes to eventually develop a 'living tissue' bionic arm to replace the mechanical piece she currently has.