Should you count yourself among the number of esteemed individuals who find pleasure and fulfillment in roleplaying extensively on planets of their choosing, read on; especially if these stories have made you a veritable vault of information regarding the worlds in question. Whether you post often or not is irrelevant, as is the amount of time you've spent on Chaos; it is your passion for the stories that have transpired that we are looking for.
Who is 'we', you ask?
We are GUIDE, also known as the Galactic United Information Database Enclave.
Our endeavor is simple in nature: we aim to chronicle the events and changes that have taken place in the known Galaxy on Chaos. Our prolific members have created a wealth of stories, places, worlds, and organizations, and we have taken it upon ourselves to archive their existence for ease of perusal.
At this moment, we specifically look to you, and invite you to peek at the pages of our nascent wiki with hopes of inspiring in you the desire to submit articles about planets so that our collection of knowledge may grow.