[background=“The Provisional Government has elected a chairman to oversee the civilian and military operations of the Seventeenth Fleet going forward. Chairman Gul D’razi is preparing to deliver a speech in a few moments to address the concerns of the fleet and the civilians it evacuated. Please hold for a moment.”[/font]

[background=There was a moment’s pause, and then the screen flickered and changed to a podium at the end of the massive kilometer long cargo bay within the ship, thousands of people crammed into it looking up as a well dressed Duros male with age lines walked across the balcony to take his place at the podium, his expression stern and his eyes hard.[/font]

[background=“Good evening everyone. This week has been difficult for us all, but none more so than those who called Thyferra their home. May we all remember their hardships in the trying times to come.” He began, his voice deep and confident as his words echoed across every holoscreen aboard the ship and those of the vessels surrounding it.[/font]

[background=“In the passing days, those of us that have survived and escaped the war alongside you have decided that going forward we can no longer be held to the shackles of peace. We can no longer afford to defend our territory and provide sanctuary and safety to those that seek it. And so, we have cut our ties to the Galactic Alliance to allow ourselves the necessary freedoms to wage this war as it must be waged, to protect those that would be seen as targets for attempting to harbor us, and to carry on the torch of freedom going forward. It has been decided that this is the Resistance.”[/font]

[background=“It is unfortunate that I say the military campaigns that have occured in the last weeks do not come as a surprise, however I have resolved to fight on. To those of you who choose to fight alongside me, we have before us an ordeal of the most heinous nature. We have many difficult months and years of struggle awaiting us, however we have made it our duty to wage war in the stars and upon the planets with all our strength and determination. To wage war against a monstrous tyrant who stands as the pinnacle of darkness and personified inhuman atrocity. And to this end we will achieve victory. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of our losses, and in defiance of their power.”[/font]

[background=“Even though large swaths of the Outer Rim are now in the grasp of these great evils, we will not fail. We will go on to the end. We will fight them in the stars and on their worlds. We will fight them on Muunilist. We will fight them on Korriban, and we will fight them on Bastion itself. We will take the fight to them, and we will never surrender our cause. We will go on unto the end, alone if necessary.”[/font]

[background=A seal appeared on the screen as he finished,[/font]

[background=‘Chief of State Gul D’razi. Provisional Government’.[/font]