Loyal Imperials and denizens of the Galaxy,
Tragedy has struck in the Inner Rim; the planet of Hapes, located in the star cluster of the same name, was attacked by a malevolent Force entity that declared itself as a 'god'. The entity's followers were made up of Hapan citizens that were brainwashed using the Force. Among the entity were several Jedi who reportedly assisted the entity in converting the majority of the city and killing untold hundreds.
Having a duty to bring order to the Galaxy, the Imperial Remnant quickly responded by quarantining the entire city and was unfortunately forced to act further by bombarding the city and mercifully bringing a quick and painless death to the civilians that were exploited and 'converted' by the violent Force entity. This appears to be a joint operation by Rogue Sith elements and the corrupt military junta known as the Galactic Alliance, who has refused to take responsibility for this atrocity; this following the declaration of war by the First Order and the Imperial Remnant after a similar mass-killing by the Alliance at Kaeshana, where a humanitarian aid mission was turned into a battle.
Grand Moff Tanomas Graf, the Imperial Head of State and commander of the operation, has expressed his deepest sorrow for the thousands who perished in the Imperial bombardment of Ta'a Chume'Dan, and has made a formal apology to the families who have suffered. Reparations in the form of credits and supplies have already been sent to the Hapes Consortium to ease the pain during this catastrophe.
When will the innocents be spared from war?