ANNIE, the house host. An Android based Protocol Droid found in the center of the Lobby who can assist with your most general questions and inquiries pertaining to the hotel.

Annie's House Rules
In order to create a safe and welcoming environment for all guests, rules must be adhered to. Due to the influx of organized criminal activities and irresponsible acts throughout the galaxy, crime is increasing... and so are the authorities. With this in mind, Annie will offer sanctuary to only those who follow the House Rules. Those who fail to follow these rules should expect a meeting from our highest staff. These rules are enforced by The Commonwealth. We thank you for taking the time to understand our rules.​
  1. Respect Annie and follow House Rules
  2. Do Not Touch Annie
  3. Show respect to all Staff
  4. No Entrance Allowed to the Bar and Night Club below the main lobby without showing a 10VC (10,000 credits) Annie House Coin (The VC is not spent)
  5. No business shall be carried out while on Annie's House Property or inside (Business can be made on the grounds, but not carried out)
  6. No business of any kind is allowed within the Bar and Nightclub; it is only for relaxing. Business Requests that do not associate with currency are allowed among the guests
  7. Attempted assassination or any harmful act attempted on any guest through means of not being on Annie's House territory (Such as, but not limited to; poison, death by sniper, rigged room door, etc) shall also meet the fate of any guest who breaks a rule should they be found
  8. Please respect the room, furniture, and building itself
  9. No noise after very late hours (12am)
  10. Any attempt to circumvent these rules is against Annie's House rules.
Those who break Annie's House rules will be hunted, detained, and sent to proper authorities (Highest Bidder), or The Commonwealth.​