Dear Jedi of the Galaxy,
My name is Barrien Siegfried. Most of you will not know who I am, and probably will be wondering so as a very brief backstory I am the son of Kamon Vondiranach, a name some of you will know, and was the apprentice of Grandmaster Corvus Raaf, a name most of you will know. That is all that need be said about me.
I am writing this letter because the state of the Jedi in the galaxy is so varied that I think some things need to be said. What you are about to read is not judgment or criticism. It is my belief on what the Jedi are supposed to be as I have been taught by Master Raaf. I encourage anyone that wants to discuss this with me or like-minded individuals to seek me out at the temple on Ciomia. Yes, this is in Republic space, but the Republic government has chosen a role of no control over practitioners of the Force outside of barring Sith and darkside cultists. Yes, even you Dark Jedi are welcome to seek me out if you wish. And no, we don't force people at the temple to adhere to these beliefs.
Down to business.
Jedi are peacekeepers. Some would believe that means we must be out there waging war with the darkside, but this isn't accurate. It is not our duty to fight except as an ultimate last resort. We must exhaust all other options before resorting to violent activities. Even the life of a Sith or murderer is important and we should not treat them as things to be easily thrown away. Even the worst of the worst can be saved from death or doing evil if we try hard enough.
Jedi are mediaries. We should not align ourselves to one particular government. Doing so does not allow us to follow the code because we have formed an attachment and that attachment determines right and wrong. Our role is not to be a part of a government, but to stand apart from it. When we visit a world we uphold the laws of that world, not the laws of what that world would consider a foreign entity. We are not judge, jury and executioner. We should try to maintain peace at all times, even if we don't like having to do it. On some worlds we have to let bad things happen because it is their culture. Interfering can upset the balance of peace.
Jedi are guardians. It is our duty to protect all life, even that which hates us or hates others. Violence is a last resort but it is a tool. If a world is invaded by a foreign power and they request our aid then we should give it as the current power of that world supercedes the invading power. This does not mean we should lead with violence, however. Diplomacy should be our first resort.
Right and wrong should not be words in our vocabulary. Yes, we all have our own sense of morality, but as Jedi we are tasked with putting that aside and recognizing that what we know of our own culture will not be the same everywhere we go. We cannot force how we feel on other people, but must be willing to adjust how we feel to match the culture we are assisting. Even if that means that some people die. Not everyone lives to old age, even if we wished they did.
We are not a galactic police force. The laws of one government do not pertain to another and we must remember this to be effective at doing our jobs. Our duty is to the people of the galaxy, not to any one government.
I challenge you all to think about what it means to be a Jedi, and again, if you want to speak with me, seek me out on Ciomia.
Jedi Knight Barrien Siegfried