An open letter to the CIS/ME Invasion Participants,
Hei Hei!
I hope every one of you entering into this Eshan Invasion has only one goal: to write the best, most entertaining story you can.
Nothing else really matters on a site dedicated to words on a page. Creative collaborative storytelling is in essence why we’re on Chaos, and all of us need both sides of the coin to write the best, most fun stories.
To my lovely Mandos, I wish you the best and most creative posting you’ve got. You’re all amazing and fun to have around and regardless of what takes place by the end of this two week thread, if you enjoyed yourself, you won.
That’s all there is. The only victory is an entertaining time and a battle well fought. All else is, just as our writing, lines on a page. A single spot of colour on a map of communal make-believe that changes no lives.
We’re all here for stress relief, entertainment, writing practice... to enjoy our friends. Anything else, any other reason isn’t worth the stress, or negatives associated with it. Remember why you’re here. Remember this is a hobby for those who love Star Wars. Focus on those positives, and on one kick-backside thread. Find someone to write with that excites you! If you feel yourself getting stressed or perturbed, get up.
Leave your computer. Take a walk. Do something else.
Nothing needs to be answered immediately, this is, after all, just for fun.
And I’m going to continue my biggest adventure, healing. As my Mando staff know, I’ve been back and forth in the hospital the last couple weeks. My doctors have a diagnosis and it’s more serious than we’d hoped, but less lethal than we worried about.
At the stage of health I’m at, I sadly can not participate in something so involved, or do more than focus on my own recovery. My Admins and staff are here for you, and I’m so proud of @Skorvek, @Aedan Miles & @Cynthia Solus. And to my Mandos who stood up to help, thank you.
Kick some serious backside and remember most of all:
The Might Don’t Kneel
Cheers for now!
I send you all my love.