This is my first attempt at getting a feel for who Sena is. To RP it didn't feel right because I always had this very specific idea of what and who she was. This was simply the part I chose to leave out of her biography in order to truly elaborate on it.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Also, a lot of it was written at around 1AM, ooops.

And so it was the she found herself staring into the empty palms of her hands as the blood from the two "loves of her life" was slowly drying up. Truth be told neither of them had been the supposed love of her life. One might have, but the other one had simply been nice enough to accompany her that evening. Perhaps she’d call it a lie to get her way, perhaps no. In the end one thing had lead to the other and now one of them had a huge dent in their head while the other was most likely still gasping for air. Her thoughts wandered back to what had just happened but shrugged it off. In the end the ‘cheap thrill’ had still come to her. Maybe under different circumstances but the results only had a slight difference to them.

Hesitantly she stepped outside into the rain as she could hear the final struggles of a man on his death bed. It was like an imperfect falsetto of gurgles and coughs except there was nobody around but her who could hear him perform. The thunderous smattering of rain upon metal, the splashes of boots as person after person hurried along the way home in the dark of the night. Second by second passed them all by as she felt the man’s life energy drain away until the very moment that it was completely gone.

A shiver ran down her spine and she froze up.

She found no joy in the act but in this one moment she had truly lost it. Because of this one word, a single demeaning word had she been sent into an uncontrollable rage that found her first love’s head bashed repeatedly against the cold metal drawers. She always had been a weak one but her anger always had a way of showing her otherwise as thrust for thrust, bang for bang the lover’s formerly handsome face deformed into a bloody pulp.

The other man tried to alert the others outside but she couldn’t let him. Reaching out for whatever came in handy she found herself in the possession of a letter opener. A short chase ensued but before long her hand had reached to cover his mouth. He tried to resist her insistent hushing. Sena’s panic took charge as the knife found itself stuck inside the man’s throat and body, repeatedly. He began gasping for air as Sena hurried along for her robes. She had to get out of there and she had to get out of there fast.

Now there she was outside in the rain with the blood of two innocent lives on her hands yet not a single hint of guilt or regret circulated through her. It was against her code, killing wasn’t to be done mindlessly but the consequences if the men had gone unsilenced was too big to risk it.

She ensured that the hood of her cloak shrouded her features and took her second step into the downpour. Just like with everyone else the pools splashed underneath her feet and her head hunched down in an effort to cover the rest of her in shadows. Others would simply see a mysterious figure leaving home and make way for the spaceport. Sena certainly was well aware that it looked suspicious but when the only recognizable aspect of what you were wearing was ‘that hooded figure’ then the chance of being caught felt pretty slim.

She would have to give this another shot later but for now she needed to be anywhere else. For her own sake. Maybe she'll go to Prakith... Yeah, that felt like a good idea for the time being.