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"My Master has recently taught me the code he follows: the Je'daii. This will be the record of my opinions of the code. I will first explore each line in detail, the first half of the line then the second if the line can be halved, if not then the whole line.

Firstly is the code itself:

'There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no fear, only power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of Light.
I an the mystery of Darkness.
In balance with Chaos and Harmony,
Immortal in the Force.'

The first line is 'There is no ignorance, there is knowledge'. The first half of this line 'There is no ignorance' disturbed me at first as it sounded like the code was dismissing ignorance. Of course ignorance exists for it is impossible for everyone to know everything, but examining it a second time I have drawn a better conclusion. I believe that this half of the line talks about how a Je'daii should dismiss ignorance and never accept it into their lives,to always strive towards finding more knowledge because if they allow ignorance to consume them they would become stagnant and unable to evolve, grow and adapt. A fate that all should try to avoid. The second half of the line 'there is knowledge.' talks of what a Je'daii should imprint in their mind, there is knowledge and there always will be more and that a Je'daii should never stop learning, never stop growing and continue to adapt. Overall I think this line talks about a Je'daii's fight against becoming stagnant.

"The second line is 'There is no fear, there is power.'. The first half of this line, 'There is no fear,' is a strong truth that I think all should accept if we wish to be at one with ourselves. There is no such thing as fear. Fear is created by our minds. This line speaks of trusting in the Force to guide, but not lead, us as well as tells the Je'daii that they should learn to conquer the illusion of fear with their inner power; this leads to the second half of this line - 'there is power.'. Gaining power quickly and suddenly is not bad like most would assume, it is the corrupting influence of this power that is so, if one had enough inner power, say enough to conquer the illusion of fear, they could control that influence and gain more power over there mind and start to conquer: arrogance, defeatism, and mental chains and began to shed those chains and strive towards evolving past limitation and begin to help the wider universe by gaining freedom of the mind and mental balance, mental peace.

"The next line is 'I am the heart of the Force.' and I believe that this line explains that no person is too small, everyone is apart of the Force and can affect it's flow in some way as well as being able to affect the lives of those around them.

"The line after that is 'I am the revealing fire of Light.'. This line talks about how a Je'daii must accept Ashla/Light Side into them to be able to reveal lies and injustice and to be a controlled fire, something to fight of the forces of evil. However I believe this line has a deeper meaning, a meaning I derive from the use of the word 'Fire'. Fire can guide and provide light and warmth, but it can also consume many things and end lives, I think that this is a warning to never let go of the shadows that must exist for the Light to be able to do something.

"'I am the mystery of darkness.' is the fifth line. This line explains how sometimes the darkness/Bogan/Dark Side is needed to hide truths that should never be know and secrets that must never be shown. The darkness is a comfort that allows you to retreat when things get bad. However this line also talks about how if you retreat to far into these shadows you become a mystery to the Light by losing contact with it and when you lose the Light all that remains is darkness, something that consumes everything.

"'In balance with Chaos and Harmony' follows and can be separated into thirds: Chaos, Harmony and both. Chaos is randomness and drive and passion all at once, it provides everyone with goals and drives by never letting their lives become monotone. Harmony is perfect and peace, it provides everyone with stability in their lives. However when you accept only Chaos you can never have a stable life, you must keep moving, never stopping, never developing bonds with those close to you, isolating yourself. And accepting only Chaos isn't the only bad outcome, if you accept just Harmony your life becomes peaceful and you loose the drive to evolve and begin to become stagnant while those close to you begin to move ahead, isolating you. It is when Chaos and Harmony are balanced that the best outcome is made as you are at peace with both sides of yourself: passion and serenity, drive and peacefulness, evolution and stagnation, Chaos and Harmony.

"The final line 'Immortal in the Force' talks about how after you are dead you will always be remembered by the Force in the ways you affected it and history and as long as your memory is immortal so is your soul.

"The Je'daii Code can be examined in more detail if we look at what lines relate to others. The first line talks about avoiding becoming stagnant as does the sixth line and the second line, however the sixth line talks about finding balance to do so and the second line talks about finding power to do so. The final line talks about how the Force will remember you in how you were a part of it as does the third line, where it talks about how everyone is a part of the Force. The second and sixth line talk about finding a peace with your mind and who you are. And the forth and fifth line link to the sixth line as the sixth tells the Je'daii to find a balance of Chaos/Bogan/Darkness and Harmony/Ashla/Lightness.

"In conclusion I believe that the Je'daii Code can be summarised using one word: 'Balance'.

These are the writings of my exploration of the Je'daii Code. This was Xavzen Sae'ryx. End Recording"


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